Farm Tunes and Harvest Festival at Kruger's Farm
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Thu July 24 at 6:30 PM, Kruger's Farm
17100 Northwest Sauvie Island Road, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Hayrides, Farm Market, Farm Animals & Live Music!
curious nu and I are planning on attending the Thursday evening, July 24th, Farm Tunes concert at Kruger's Farm Market on Sauvie Island. The scheduled performers that night are local bluegrass band Jackstraw.

Although I've never been before, it looks like a nice way to spend a summer evening. Festivities from 6:30-9:30pm. $10 per car. Bring a picnic dinner, but no outside alcohol or dogs. Looks like food is available for purchase; not sure about drinks.
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Hey, I want to go to this- I keep meaning to get around to seeing Jackstraw. We were out at Kruger's Farm a little over a week ago for the berry festival, so I think I know what the food and drink options are, assuming everything stays open for Farm Tunes (it probably does):

There is a place that cooks tasty sausages (the portugese linguica is excellent) and burgers, and a place that roasts corn. The Kruger's market also sells fresh fruit, berries, vegetables, snacky stuff like chips, and stuff like honey and jam.

Captured by Porches will be there, selling beer. There may also be a coffee cart. Standard beverages like soda or juice are available either at the sausage place or in the market.

Anyone want to carpool and save $10?
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Excellent! I bet we would carpool.
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My windshield wipers are on the inside!

Also, I may be interested.
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Hey, this sounds like fun! And it's actually close to where I live! Count me in.
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This sounds fun. It's on my BFF's divisible-by-five birthday, tho, so I probably have other plans that I don't yet know about.
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How does your BFF feel about bluegrass?
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Sadly, she loathes it.
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Hmm, I'll try not to judge and wish her a happy birthday anyway.
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So this is looking a little iffy. We've tried emailing to find out whether or not the music might be cancelled tomorrow if it rains, but haven't gotten a response yet, and the phone numbers on the site are pretty much just recordings telling you to email if you have questions. I don't think the music area is covered at all, so.. bring umbrellas?
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What I remember from when we were there earlier this year during a crazy thunderstorm:

1. There was a band playing, despite the downpour.
2. The band was playing on a smallish covered stage.
3. There was a not particularly large gazebo like 80-100 feet from the stage.
4. There was a whole lot of sky in between.
5. Nobody was listening to the band.

I don't know that that was a booked act to the degree that Jackstraw would be or if it was just somebody's roommate's jug band, so neither points (1) nor (5) are exactly definitive, though we certainly didn't pay to get in either.

In conclusion, no idea. We could always show up, and if it's abruptly cancelled turn around and carpool back to St. Johns and get a beer or something.
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I just heard back that they rarely cancel due to rain, and if they do, they post on the website and FB.

And, oh yeah, carpooling. There was mention of that.
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Depending on which weather source you trust, there may or may not be rain in the middle of the day tomorrow, but they all seem to agree that it will be at least partly sunny by 6pm. So maybe damp grass but hopefully not damp skies.
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Oh poop. I didn't realize this conflicted with my book club meeting. I will be sorry to miss it, rain or no.
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Question for those who've attended before - what are the prospects food-wise (choices, length of food lines, etc.)? As we won't have a chance to eat ahead of time before starting the drive there, would it be wise to bring at least snacks with us so we don't starve before we can get food into our famished hands? Or is getting food pretty quick and easy once we're there?
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See my post above (FRIST!!!) about possible food options- that's what was available when we were there for a "berry festival". I haven't been there for one of these Farm Tuneses, so I don't know what lines would be like for this event. They did seem to get people through line pretty fast at the sausage place when we were there (it was unexpectedly pouring rain from a freak storm at the time, so I'd say the situation was not normal). I will probably bring snacks as a plan B, but plan to buy a sausage.
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The last time we were out at Kruger was last August to see Jackstraw, and food was pretty easy. The only thing with much of a line was the beer/wine gazebo. Our practice for their music events has been to pack food in and buy the corn (yum), so I couldn't speak to the overall process of feeding yourselves at multiple carts. That said, the weather is a little iffy today, so I'd expect an easier time of it. When it's hot out, getting there early in order to put your stuff down on a future spot of shade is a nice idea. Since it'll probably be wet from the last few days, I'm bringing camping chairs.
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We are here, near the wine gazebo. Red blanket.
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