Winnipeg Folk Festival, July 9 - 14
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Wed July 9 at 6:00 PM, Winnipeg Folk Festival
Birds Hill Provincial Park, Oakbank, MB R0E 1J0, Canada (Map & Directions)
I go to the Winnipeg Folk Festival every year, and every year I forget to ask if any other Mefites will be attending... UNTIL NOW!
I will be arriving in Winnipeg on Tuesday evening, and heading out to the site on Wednesday (either via shuttle or ride.) I will be in Festival Camping, but I imagine any formal Meetup will take place on the grounds of the Festival itself, where there are numerous places to meet.

Details from the Festival website for Getting There. The Festival goes from Wednesday July 9th until Sunday July 13th.
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I'll be in Festival camping as well. It's my fourth year.
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I have been going for... six, seven years now? This is the first time I am going by myself, though.
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I have confirmed the meetup date and stuff because regardless of whether or not anyone is going I will be there, all meetable and stuff.
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Also, if anyone is going from Winnipeg to within throwing distance of the Festival campsite during the day on the 9th and has room for a random USian and her two bags, that would be awesome and rewarded.

I could take the shuttle at 4, but would rather have time to set up my tent and get my shit together before the show starts.
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Boo. it's a shame this hasn't got more attention.

I wish I could offer a ride, but the vehicle I'll be riding in as a passenger is already cartoonishly overstuffed. Best of luck on that front.

My battery really hates to hold a charge, so during the festival, I inevitably carry around a dead cellphone for most of the week. That makes almost any kind of plan sort of tricky.

One thing I do have going for me is a recognizable campsite. Every year I stick a 15 foot pole up in the air and put a traffic cone on top. Our best bet for an impromptu meetup might be for you to keep an eye in the sky for my beacon of sorts.
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Yeah, I was hoping to get some more people interested. i might change the date - don't know if this infernal contraption will allow me to select multiple dates.

No worries about the ride thing; the shuttle won't be the end of the world. I will look for your cone! My batteries are more robust, and I have spare charging thingies, so I will be able to plan slightly more on the fly as long as I have access to wifi (more for the benefit of anyone else who might show up in this thread.)
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I really should check IRL more often...

I'm volunteering there on the 9th, and heading out around 3. Can drop you at the campground or by the main gates. MeMail me if you still need a ride; I'll likely see that before I see messages in IRL.
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Crap, poor calendar reading skills.. my shift is the 10th. However, I am heading out there on the 9th around 5:30. Sorry for the misinformation, the ride offer's still there if needed.
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OK - so I thought I would have access to wifi in Winnipeg but the house I was staying at had no power, thus no wifi, so I completely missed all of this.

Blue T-shirt, I found your cone, discovered I was sitting right next to it - one of your neighbors put on a brief impromptu moonlight concert.
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Hardcore Poser: where are you working? I'm right by the entrance of trailhead 1A. I am with a group under a white shelter, but will be cruising around.
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Well, Folkfest is done for another year. I had a fulfilling experience as usual, but it would have been great to find you.

I found your lovely note/sketch, and not a moment too soon; when I tried to show it to a friend a few minutes later, it was nowhere to be found. I wandered trailhead 1A a good bit and stopped more than a few random strangers with vague simliarities to your drawing, but all to no avail. If I was anywhere but folkfest I would have felt rather silly.

Anyhow, I'm sorry this this meetup thing didn't fully work out, but thanks for giving my folkfest experience an entertaining subplot. I hope you had a great time, and there's always next year, right?

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