Crepes at la Creperie! (MoMu15)
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Sun July 20 at 7:00 PM, La Crêperie
2845 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
La Creperie, our hometown crepe headquarters, is back! Let's eat some delicious crepes out on their scenic rear patio!
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Shame you couldn't have gotten the 14th!

Allons, enfants de la patrIIIIIIIIIIIIIE
le jour de gloire est arrivé!

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Bastille Day is tempting, but I figure it would be hard to seat a largish group at a popular French-casual restaurant on the French holiday.
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Le bad news: it turns out they'll be CLOSED Tuesday in order to recover from the Bastille Day rush. I'll consult the meetup calendar for a propitious new date.
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OK, new date: Sunday the 20th.
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And I've come up with a substitute meetup for the 15th: Radlers at the Radler!
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I'm glad this changed dates because now I can actually come!
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Prepare for crepes!

Would any of you "maybe" folks like to switch to "attending?" I'm going to phone in a reservation this afternoon.
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I'm a yes!
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Sadly, I work til 8. Any chance there might still be crepes left? :)
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They restocked just after Bastille Day, so I'm sure they're chock ablock with crepes.

I've reserved a big table on the rear patio. See you tomorrow!
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I'll be coming here after pregaming on kayaking before our scheduled kayaking, so it's possible I'll be a) late or b) smelly or c) both, but I definitely plan to be there! I'm trying to convince my roommate, also a Mefite, to join me, so I will potentially be +1.
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I have arrived. Table will be ready in a minute
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We are outside in the back if anyone else is coming.
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That was great! Thanks for setting it up, Iridic!
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I propose more meetups at places with salted caramel lattes!

And we can thank the evening coffee for making me alert enough to avoid very nearly but not quite hitting like 15 people with my car on the way home.
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