Chicago meetup evening of June 11th or 12th?
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Hi, folks - I'm in Chicago for some business and was wondering if anybody would like to do an evening meetup? I've never been to a meetup before and since I'm coming into a bigger city I thought maybe...? I'll be staying in the Near North Side area, not far from MCA Chicago.
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Hey, so sorry - I didn't get the memail informing me of this until this morning, and today is a no-go for me. Next time give us a little more advance notice and we'll get something organized for ya!
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I'll be occupied through about 7:30, but could do something a bit later...
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Ugh. I'm working late tonight and will be out of town tomorrow. Sorry!
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Tomorrow I'm free and will be at TMLMTBGB, but could grab a drink after or food before up in Andersonville.
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Yeah, I wasn't crazy hopeful because I knew it was a last-minute thing. (Honestly, I didn't even think of the possibility until I was en-route). Hopefully I'll have another trip soon and can try again with better advance planning.

Sniff. I want to meet Mefiarians en masse someday, I do, I do.
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