Campout at Trillium Lake
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I've already reserved and paid for a single site at Trillium Lake Campground (less than a 90 minutes' drive from Portland, location on Google Maps) for the weekend of Sept. 12, Friday aft. through Sunday morning. I'm going no matter what, but I'd be happy if anyone wanted to join me.
As of Monday May 23rd there were very few other sites still available for that weekend, so if more than five people are interested you'll need to scramble to reserve another site. There's probably room for 2-3 tents on the site. We can discuss food sharing, accommodations, carpooling, etc.

(Setting the location to Portland for now, I'll change it if there's enough interest to confirm the event)
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I just claimed the following weekend off-coverage for an indigo processing, dyeing, printing workshop -- I won't be able to commit to this until much closer to the event.

Sounds like fun, though!
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I'll give it a maybe!
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I'm a maybe too. What loop/site did you get?
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I got #8, a tent site, but I'm not familiar enough with the sites there to tell you much more.
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Oh yeah, I forgot to include a map in my last comment.
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I'm not going to be able to make it- turns out this is the same weekend as XOXO, which cortex is attending. I don't have a pass, but I think I'd like to stick around town in case there's any open events that I can go to- last year I was able to get in to a few events by following people who looked like they knew where they were going (mathowie and cortex).
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