Drinks in San Francisco
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Coffee, beer, whatever. Let's meet up! I'll be in SF until Friday.
I'm a philosophy and computer science student from Prague, visiting a friend in San Francisco. I would really love to meet some people from the area. Anyone up for some?
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Depends on date, time, and location. I think Mission Bar or somewhere thereabouts is the usual SF watering hole for things like this, but I'll let others chime in there. When do you leave on Friday? Friday evening would probably get the largest crowd, but if you're leaving it might not be feasible.
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I'm down, let me know date/time etc.
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My flight is around 11 PM on Friday so I don't think friday evening would work too well. How about today/tonight or Thursday?
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I prefer someplace in Sunset or the Haight.
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Where are you staying, instinkt?

Email notifications go out at midnight, so I'd suggest making plans tomorrow night, by tonight.
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Staying in Mission.
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I'll be up in Berkeley tomorrow afternoon but can pop over to Mission if something ends up happening. I'll have my laptop with me, but I don't have a smartphone, so I won't be able to check this thread unless I'm near a wifi hotspot.

If I don't hear anything by 5pm, I'll assume nothing is happening, I guess?
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