Sleepy in Seattle - 8 February - St Johns Bar (Downtown)
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Sat February 8 at 7:00 PM, St John's Bar & Eatery
719 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I am passing through Seattle the weekend after next, and, although it seems like Seattle has been unusually blessed with meetups in the last month, was wondering if anyone fancied meeting up for a nosh/drink on the evening of Saturday 8?
I'm likely to be staying in Downtown Seattle, will not have a car with me, and wouldn't mind doing something reasonably... Seattle-ish? But am not familiar with the city at all, so am happy to be guided.

Basically, I have no idea where on goes in Seattle, but if anyone _does_, it would be lovely to meet them, at some point in the evening. I can probably vague that up if need be...

UPDATE: So, it looks like the plan is probably to meet up before a Hospitality gig, and either go to that or stay not at that, or some mix of the two.

Mooted venue is St. John's Bar and Eatery at 719 E Pike St - website here.

Time... evening, so far - as a stake in the ground, maybe 7 or 8pm?
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My wife and I are going to see Hospitality that evening on Capitol Hill, at Barboza at 10th and Pike. If you would like to meet up for a drink before the show near that venue, or come to the show (tickets only $10), that might be nice. I don't know if seeing a Brooklyn indie rock group is the most Seattle thing, but hanging out in Capitol Hill is.

Hospitality have a new album that released today (I think), I have not heard it yet. I am a big fan of their debut album and their cover of Rikki Don't Lose That Number.
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That sounds great - my hotel is near Pine, so that's perfect for me. I'll defer to your local knowledge - is there a bar nearby you'd recommend?
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In order of personal preference matching requirements:

St. John's on Harvard and Pike has some tables that can come together, as well as a back patio if it's not pouring down, and the food's pretty good (full disclosure: the head chef is an old co-worker of mine).

There's also the Unicorn, which is a carnival-themed place with ironically garish decor and state fair food. I tend to prefer the Narwhal, which is their gameroom basement bar, but they're ok and basically across the street from Barboza.

One of my close friends will be working at the Hillside that night, which is a few blocks away on Olive. It can get kind of packed, but if you're looking for Saturday night Seattle hipsterdom, you could do worse.

If you're leaning more towards the cocktail side of the spectrum rather than beer and liquor, Tavern Law on 12th and Madison is quite good, but we'd want to get there early and/or reserve a table, because they fill up quick.

St. John's is probably the easiest/most convenient, but the Unicorn is kind of a sight and would probably be a more interesting destination bar.
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Pencil me in.
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Oooh... it sounds like a single bite of the Unicorn's corn dog would kill me... _but_ it does sound like possibly it needs to be seen. On the other hand, St John's sounds pretty nice, and maybe a little less... antic.

Let's say St John's, and there's time to change it if the sentiment is opposed. I'll buy a ticket for Hospitality as well, just in case. I'll move this to confirmed...
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I do most of my drinking north of the canal, so I'm happy to defer to others. St. John's works for me.

As far as timing, I think getting to the venue by 9 would leave plenty of time, so a 7 or 8 start time seems good for us. Looking forward to it!
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I'll almost certainly be there around 7.
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Cool - I'll aim for 7. I'll MeMail people my cellphone number a little closer to the time, just in case...
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So! I'll roll in as close to 7 as possible... I'm about 6'4, otherwise irksomely unexceptional. Will be wearing a grey wool coat, especially if it remains soul-clenchingly cold. My Bellevue cell is one four two five four three five five two seven two... Super tired, so might not make it to the gig, but...
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We'll be there around 7:15. I'll be in a black coat. 6'2", brown glasses, in serious need of a haircut. Wife is a smallish woman with shoulder length blond hair (in good repair)
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Snowpocalypse! Sitting in front of the tv.
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And now table-swapped to make room, right wall as you walk in.
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On my way!
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I share this victory with hellojed, whom I dropped off about half an hour ago, after delicious whiskey and karaoke. Vae victus usighe beathe, and all that.
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The timestamp on that suggests that I was right, albeit regretfully, to wend after the bear shooting at the Unicorn... thanks al for coming out - it was lovely to have friendly faces in a strange city. Errant, I'm not sure what is happening tomorrow - I seem to be pretty heavily scheduled - but drop me a line and perhaps we can grab a coffee...
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It was nice to see/meet everyone. For our part we enjoyed the rock show and I won my soccer game handily in 1.5 inches of snow Sunday morning, so we all came out ahead I think.
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