The Civil Life of St Louis, Missouri
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Tue January 28 at 7:30 PM, Civil Life Brewery
3714 Holt Avenue, St. Louis, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Oh hey, what are you up to this Tuesday? Not much? Then come to The Civil Life Brewery and have a pint or two!
Now that the cold weather has passed, we can celebrate the fact that Tuesday will be a balmy 24 degrees! Why, that's 24 more degrees than it's been recently! Come say hello, come have a drink, come talk about your pets. I've never been to Civil Life, and am jazzed to check it out! CASH ONLY, says the website, so bring all your gold and silver. Let's all have a swell time.
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There is a mechanical teller that will dispense coin of the realm on presentation of an embossed Scroll of Usury, but the toll is steep, and the user risks a 15% chance of level drain upon completion of the transaction. Some whisper in ale-soaked tones that the device was installed at the behest of a nefarious society of evil wizards, but none can guess as to their motives.
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They close at ten on school nights...should we perhaps start this a bit earlier?
Whatever time, I'm down with.
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I don't know that I can this Tuesday. Doh!
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I will be there, although maybe not for long. I go to bed early on weeknights because I am lame. I can say it's because I'm old now and have a job that I have to get up early for, but truthfully I've always been this lame.
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With it being a heatwave and all, would Greg Nog, likeatoaster, and others near Shaw care to bike gang it over there? It's only 2 miles from Shaw.
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I might be able to swing by, and I'd be biking (from Shaw) and could ride with you; but 24°F temps without the right biking clothes is a bit miserable for folks not used to it. Would be a fantastic idea for an April meetup with 50°F temps, though.
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I imagine we'll drive, although I guess we'll have to see how cold we're feeling on Tuesday. I'd normally be inclined to start earlier and go later, but the vagaries of my job mean that a 7:30 start time and 10-at-the-latest endtime are gonna be easiest to swing.

Also, I know this is short notice, but I kept waiting and waiting to get around to call a meetup on The Perfect Day, and finally just said FUCK IT, NO MORE WAITING, ITS TUESDAY. But KC and any others who can't make it, I hope to see y'all soon!
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Sigh. The vagaries of my job mean I won't be doing anything fun until Thursday at the earliest. Thanks for the heads up on this one, and I wish I could make it, but alas...
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The good is that I've been given a ticket to see Steve Wozniak speak at the St Louis Speaker Series. Yay!

The bad is this makes it very unlikely I'll make it to this IRL. Boo!
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'snot and I are here (upstairs).
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I just got on here to say we're upstairs, only to find my better half had already done so.
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Haha. You guys are so cute. I hope the meetup was good!
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