Brooklyn fumbles. Manhattan regains control.
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Thu October 3 at 6:45 PM, The Coal Yard
102 1st Avenue, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Even though Manhattanites are usually outnumbered by Brooklyn folk anyway, LET'S MAKE SURE TO CRUSH 'EM.
The Coal Yard has outdoor seating, in case it's still nice out. There's also what I lovingly refer to as the "Champagne Room" that we can probably take over.

I'm gonna set it for Thursday. If people want to bargain with each other and there's enough groundswell to change it, then DEMOCRACY.
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I support this meetup-by-decree.
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Meanwhile, I am boycotting.

(Actually, I already had another commitment, sorry.)
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Can someone please recommend somewhere to eat around here? Are they cool with bringing food into the bar?
posted by unannihilated at 4:05 PM on September 30, 2013

Don't know if they are cool with food being brought into the bar.

Clinton Street Baking Company delivers to The Coal Yard. Menu [pdf]
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Eat at Porchetta!!!
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Mighty Quinn's is also delicious!
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/current events derail
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Do we still get paid?
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We ate at Mighty Quinn's this weekend and it was amazing. Next time I go I will have to remind myself that I need to stop eating. That was a problem last time; so much good food.

Also we are seeing a show nearby and it might make sense to stop by early/late for a drink!
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Mighty Quinn's looks delicious, but from the 'mission statement', it seems like they'd discourage ordering food to go. Porchetta looks nice, and has an 'order online' option.
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I have to change myself to a solid maybe. If you're still going strong at 9, I'll be happy to join. Mind posting in the thread if you move or the group breaks early?

Thanks for the food recommendations!
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I just killed a giant pile of responsiblity with a giant sledgehammer of productivity.

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Funny, I just buried a pile of responsibility with a giant shovel of procrastination.

Let's drink!
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I just procrastinated the productivity sledgehammer responsibly.
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is 6:45 the definitive meeting up time?
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It seemed that lately people were saying they would be there earlier when meetups were scheduled for later, so I made it earlier. But yes, I will be leaving work at a time to get there by 6:45 since my name is on the papers.
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well I'll see you there shortly ish then.

I'm carrying a (blindingly) blue backpack and will ask for the internet.
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Gonna have to switch my maybe to a no - had a really frustrating day at work today, feeling too ranty/weepy to be amongst people. Grar.
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Sorry to hear you had a bad day :(

That's what beer is for! ;) I hope tomorrow is better!
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We should be there no later than 7.
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Sorry didn't pay attention and missed my stop. Walking over from bway now.
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Out back, pretending its still summer
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Nooooo, oh yeah! That is exactly the perfect occasion to come to a meet-up at the bar.
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