TypeCon 2013: Yes We Kern!
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I'm wildly excited to be attending TypeCon 2013 here in Portland, and would be even more excited if there are other Mefites also in attendance. Between Wednesday & Thursday's workshops and the mess of presentations Friday through Sunday, this thing seems ripe with opportunity for drinks, discussion, and diatribes on dingbats.
Maybe after one of the keynote addresses on Wednesday or Thursday night, or before the Sign Painters movie on Friday? Heck, at the very least, there's opportunity for shmoozing during the pizza and beer night at Ecotrust on Sunday.

This all, of course, assumes that there are other Typecon goers prowling the blue. Anybody out there?
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I’m going! I’m a bad Mefite, checking in but rarely, but mumkin, aka Mr. abberdab, is very plugged in and directed me to your post. :) I’ll be catching up with PNCA chums after the Sign Painters movie, but I’m available for a drink after one of the keynotes. :)
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It looks like tomorrow's keynote ends a little earlier than tonight's. Should we meet at the hotel after Adrian Shaughnessy on Thursday and then walk somewhere close-by for drinks?
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Oh, and I'm in a boldly striped cream & black shirt today, so if you see me wandering around the art museum before Alejandro Paul, say hi!
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After tomorrow evening’s (Thursday’s) talk, sounds like a plan! I’m afraid I won’t be so simple to detect as you are tonight — dark blue shirt, jeans, dark red clogs. My sartorial tastes run more to harmony than contrast. :)

I vote that “Yes We Kern” be the tagline for TypeCon 2014!
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