Vancouver Island Meet up?
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I've been lurking on Vancouver Island all my life and since I've stopped lurking on Mefi I thought I'd see if there are anyone else wants to get together and represent the true West Coast.
No idea how many of us are out here, or, if anyone is interested in travelling over from the Continent but I imagine if we get enough responses we can pick some place in the middle of this fine rock and get together. Food/Venue to be determined based on any interest or any idea of anyone who would like to come.
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As ever, my timing sucks. I was in Cumberland, Nanaimo, and Victoria for most of last week.

Note that if you end up gravitating to the south end of the Island, there is an Italian place in Victoria that seems destined for a metafilter meetup: Fiamo.
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As usual, I'm going to register myself as a Maybe because I hope to be able to make it. But I probably won't be able to.
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Yeah, this was more of a shout out in the air to see how many people of us are out there and if maybe some day in the future we could do an island meet up. Though now I feel it must be done just because of that Fiamo place :)
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In Victoria now, but will be in and out of the city the next couple months. Come Oct/Nov I'd definitely be down. I don't mind travelling elsewhere on the Island either.
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Good ravioli at Fiamo, by the way.
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