Albuquerque meets Brooklyn
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Sun July 28 at 5:30 PM, Marble Brewery
111 Marble Avenue Northwest, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
Greetings, mefites of the Duke City! My comrade Narrative Priorities and I are visiting your fair town, and we would love to meet some of you.
I would like to propose a meetup for Sunday evening. I was thinking the downtown Marble Brewery location would be nice -- I'm led to understand that there will be a Korean food truck parked outside, so dinner will be available if you haven't eaten prior to the event.

Our plan is to get an early dinner at the brewery, then head over to Roller Skate City for the 8:30-10 adults-only skating session. Anybody who wants to come along for the skating is welcome to do so! It makes for great people-watching, and with Nationals in town there might even be some serious talent on the rink.

If this location/time is completely unworkable, I'm open to changing it—we'd rather change our plans than miss out on hanging out with you fine folks.
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We may be able to make it for beer and eats, not for the later skating event, due to work the next day.
posted by annsunny at 12:35 AM on July 27, 2013

Beer + Korean food + skating = not a great time for me and Mr. patheral. we're open for meeting earlier Iin the day for brunch if anyone's up for that. (Please excuse the typos, my phone is being weird)
posted by patheral at 8:38 AM on July 27, 2013

Actually... my fibro is flaring really bad. I'm gonna bow out of this one altogether. Sorry to miss it.
posted by patheral at 9:21 PM on July 27, 2013

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, patheral. You should definitely take care of yourself before hanging out with out-of-town nerds.
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Mrs. flt and I will be showing up. We will only stay for dinner because we have a little one at home who is finishing off a fever and we want to be home in time for little bear bedtime.
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Well, sorry to say we won't be making it either. Beer and Korean truck food sounds so great!
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I have glasses, and will be wearing a brown t-shirt that states "Roller skating is not a crime."
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I'll be wearing a navy blue t-shirt that says Now Panic and Freak Out, and the mrs is wearing a black dress with little white dots.
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SSF and I are here a little early, sitting inside at a round table!
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Sorry I couldn't make it, too much post-storm muck to deal with today.
posted by yohko at 8:10 PM on July 28, 2013

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