G&Ts in SC
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Recent transplant to Charleston, SC looking to meet up for a drink or three with fellow MeFites in the Holy City. Are any of you down here?
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Where exactly are you? Because it makes a difference.

In the West Ashley side of things I'd say to head to Pearl'z on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night because my favorite bartenders close those nights. And they're awesome.

Downtown I'll say Rarebit despite the fact that they just let me go from their kitchen.

I work(ed) in food and bev, so my bar time was pretty much spent where I worked at the time or going to see specific people.
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Darn it! I am relocating to Mt. Pleasant in about a month...sorry I'll miss this opportunity to meet up. Oh well, maybe next time.
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You realize that's not too far of a drive, right?
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If you are talking to me, I'm in North Carolina right now...
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Apologies for the delayed response, ichi and fox. I've been out of town the last few weeks. I'm downtown, ichi, right on Colonial lake. As a smoker, I tend to prefer rooftop and outdoor bars, so Blind Tiger and Vendue have been my go to spots. Perhaps we can try and get something going for later this month (when it's not so sticky)?
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Pearl'z has outside seating. Honestly, my downtown bar knowledge isn't where it needs to be because, since I worked down there, I would go in and get out. Although I would hang out with Sarah from Fish at the corner with the hot dog cart by Music Farm.
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I finally saw this. Sorry for the late response. I live in West Ashley within walking distance of Avondale, which is nice. Triangle and Pearlz all have outdoor space, and Gene's is always good for a beer and some shuffleboard. I know the owner/bartender at Gene's so that helps my opinion as well.

I'm downtown a lot of weekend nights because the restaurants are pretty excellent. I also know Sarah from Fish and basically love her to death. That's my go-to bar for early drinks and the food is excellent as well.

If you're looking for rooftop, as much as I dislike the restaurant, Stars has a pretty excellent rooftop, and that's been my main outdoor space lately since we're normally around upper King.

I have lots of other places I can recommend downtown if none of these sounds exciting.

I'd be up for a meetup if anybody wants to make a decision about time and place. This weekend is bad for me, as it's 1)Pride and 2)my partner's parents are visiting (unrelated events, as you can probably imagine) so I'm pretty booked up. Also, it will be sticky right up until October, so that might not be a driving factor if we want to do something soonish.
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