A bonfire and bookshare, house show and party
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Hi all, I have been a lurker much longer than a poster on MeFi for quite a while. I would like to connect and meet the other Portlander MeFi'ers (so to speak).
I have a box of books that I will be putting up for use, as I might be leaving the country but will be definitely leaving the city-state that we know as Portland.

I am proposing a house show in my neighbors' backyard (they have already suggested it) and a modest house party at my current place. If anyone is looking for a place to play on the 12th of July, this might be right for them. I am open to discussing other possible locations, but I was thinking of keeping it at my house on about 10th and Alberta. Perfect for a less than quiet Friday night.
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Right in my neighborhood....but I'm going to be out of town from 8 July to 14 July. Sorry I'll miss you.
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Is this definitely the 12th? I am camping this weekend. :0(
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I am around this weekend (and just blocks away!) I know that three mefits makes a party, not sure if just two make a party.
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Oh man, I guess this was the past now instead of the future. I think it's been a busy summery month for a lot of folks in town, but it'd still be great to meet you if you want to try and organize something else (or just come along to one of the other meetups that pop up now and then).
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