Brooklyn Bridge Walk summer 2013 edition
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I have never walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and would really like to sometime this summer. Anybody interested?
Not being a Brooklynite, I have no clue on the logistics -- would we start on the Brooklyn side and end in Chinatown somewhere? Or start on the Manhattan side and then go somewhere in DUMBO to rest & refresh? Is it better to do Saturday vs Sunday, and is there a particular start time we need to aim for?
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Start in Chinatown, have afternoon Dim Sum, walk the bridge (around sunset) to evening meetup at a bar in DUMBO?
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I love dim sum, but I don't know that I'd be able to shake off the food coma & walk 1+ miles afterwards (not to mention the fear of being halfway across the bridge when the tea kicks in). I do like the idea of aiming for sunset though.
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The reverse is also possible, ending with Dim Sum. Or we just skip the dim sum and walk to DUMBO, then drink. It is my understanding people won't do a meetup without either food or alcohol. ^_^
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Yeah, seems like food & drink after-party in DUMBO is the way to go. Google says that sunset is around 8:30 most days now though, so we're probably better off doing the walk in mid-morning so we can have a casual late lunch somewhere rather than competing for space during prime bar-hopping time. I will poll for suggestions at tomorrow's 4th Avenue Pub meetup.
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Smorgasburg is at the Brooklyn Bridge Park every Sunday from 11am to 6pm, as well as other vendors. Is there anywhere by the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall 4-5-6 subway stop that would be a good spot to gather at pre-walk?

I'd be happy with Sunday June 23rd or 30th (preferably the 23rd so we have a rain date to switch to).
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There is a open plaza type space right across from the pedestrian entrance to the bridge where there are frequently buskers. There is also a subway entrance in it which would make a decent place to meet.
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In an unexpected development - I seem to have been bitten by a deer tick (not sure when or where, just noticed the bulls-eye bite mark on Saturday afternoon & went to the doctor this morning), so to prevent Lyme disease I just started a 3-week dose of antibiotics that is going to make me extra-vulnerable to sunburn and will likely wreak havoc on my stomach. Not sure if I should go ahead and call it for this weekend anyway and hope for the best (stomach-wise), or put it off longer. Was the 23rd good for anyone? July is looking to be full of family & work obligations for me, so, I feel like it's now or August.
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I'm really sorry to hear that oh yeah! I hope the antibiotics don't affect your stomach too badly. I think you should go ahead and call this whenever you're going to be most comfortable.
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All I can say is STAY OUT OF THE GODDAMN BIKE LANE and then wind up in DUMBO and try out that new wine bar on Jay St.

that is all
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Sorry folks, I'm chickening out from this weekend. I'm afraid I'll jinx myself into a bad reaction if I set a date for this now, so, it's going to have to be later in the summer for me.
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Wow, I came in here to check the status of this and just saw this. Feel better! Let us know if there's anything we can do!
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Hi folks, sorry for flaking out. All of my July Saturday's are filling up with work or family obligations. I can maybe do Sunday July 21st or 28th, but it depends on the timing of some of the family stuff which I won't know about until mid-July. (More than halfway through my course of antibiotics and no dread side-effects yet though, so, yay for that.)
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I'm happier with a Sunday walk as I work Saturdays.

Yay for no side-effects!
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