MeFi hangout during ALA?
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Hi all - the American Library Association conference is happening here in Chicago June 27-July 2. IANYL - hell, IANEven*A*L - but it sounds like the type of thing where significant MeFite repping is possible. Should we try for a meetup during the conference?
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I'll be there for a signing -- I've never been to a meet-up but it seems like a great opportunity to change that.

Edit: I just not-so-gently reminded myself that I'm on deadline. So count me as a maybe. (Oof.)
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What sort of cheesey things do librarian's like?
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Man, poor librarians. Don't they know the 4th of July is the best time to be in Chicago? Hopefully some of you stick around for the holiday! As a former librarian and current Chicagoan, I'm happy to attend any library-related meetup with locals or visitors.
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So, ALA conference is spread out along North Michigan (and McCormick Place), right? What's good for a meet-up around there? I'd suggest Miller's or Excheq but neither works well for groups. Anyone know if Lizzie MacNeil's at the Sheraton has an actual patio on the river?

Also, Goating on the 3rd, or no? Cause we all have the 4th off and that could be epic?
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Goating on the third should be a go.
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I'll be in town, though I'm not a librarian, though I'm related to a librarian, and will be crashing on her hotel room floor that weekend.
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