Summer in Ireland (or what passes for summer)
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Sat July 20 at 5:00 PM, Grogans
15 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland (Map & Directions)
Grogans at 5pm on the 20th is the confirmed time and date. Memail me if you want my Irish cell in case of issues finding each other.
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I'd be interested, depending on days and times of course. Now that
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I quite like the idea of a weekend trip up to Dublin during the summer, so am interested depending on dates. It would need to be a Saturday I guess, although Friday may be doable (don't get too hung up on this though if other days work better for the locals). We're busy the last two weekends in June and probably the second weekend in August.
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I'll keep an eye on this on the off chance I'll be back in Ireland at the time that is eventually chosen.
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I'm mostly a mefite lurker, but I'd love to come along and meet some other mefites.
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Oops, I thought I'd already replied! I'd be interested for sure, time and day depending.
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Maybe some point in mid-July would work? I think a weekend sounds like it would work best.
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Mid-July works for me.
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Oh I missed the edit in the post. It doesn't really show up in recent comments. I'll check with my husband this evening to be sure but 20th July sounds OK. We're not locals so no contribution to location, as long as we can use public transport or whatever.

There will be two of us because I always drag my husband to these things too. He's not a mefite but he's very friendly.
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Oh also somewhere that is not crazily loud would be nice. My Cork friends are always taking us to bars where everyone is left yelling over the pounding music and it's boring.
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Just to make it more obvious! July 20th is the proposed date. No location yet, so suggestions welcome of the non-noisy sort, which might be better served by being outside the centre. (Patriots' Inn at Kilmainham might be an option. I also like the Villager in Chapelizod if it's nice weather and one plans to be out by the park. Also the aforementioned Hole in the Wall, but that's not that easy to get to from town. Grogans in town is awesome - no TVs and great toasties and probably the easiest to get to.
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There's a small chance I'll be in the UK on July 20, but it's really fairly unlikely, so July 20 sounds good to me! Hole in the Wall or Grogans are both great locations for me (using public transportation--Hole in the Wall is in my neighborhood). Patriots' Inn is a bit more difficult but probably do-able, Villager is not so great.
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I need to book a hotel in Dublin so maybe we should decide on a place? I'm not sure what neighbourhood we should stay in. Although I'm also happy using public transport or taking a taxi to or from where ever so it might not matter that much.
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Sorry about letting this slip. How about Grogans near Powerscourt (the back of Grafton Street) at 5? I now have to go the theatre that night, but not till 7.30. Also if anyone wants to memail me I can give you my Irish mobile in case of issues finding each other.
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I am nowhere near Dublin nor like to be but am posting in this thread just to say I miss Grogans and if the terrible terrible terrible portrait of Tom Waits is still there I would be very happy if one of y'all could post a snap of it.
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Count me in! (Hope you're not bummed about going to the theater afterwards!) :p
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We've got ourselves organised so should be there around five. We'll need to leave a bit after eight because we decided for various reasons to take the train back to Cork on Sat evening rather than pay for a hotel.

I'll message you to swap numbers lesbiassparrow. Will we try to come up with some way for people to recognise each other?
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Due to the heat of an Irish summer we are already in Grogan's in the bar in the corner, under a rather unfortunate oil painting called Star of the Sea. I have placed a copy of Heart of Midlothian on the table because I had it on me. :)
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If I don't melt cycling in, I'll be there soon, with black glasses and a dress that could pass for Grogan's upholstery.
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Three words: August, Viking Splash.
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YES. Thank you all for being awesome, that was really fun.
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We should totally have stayed rather than going to the would have been much more fun. :)

Awesome to meet you guys.
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