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Sat May 11 at 6:30 PM, River Park, at the flagpole by the field house
River Park, 5100 North Francisco Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
JTTEOTN 2013 - it's a giant game of tag (for grown ups) across the city. I will be running a checkpoint. You should come play!
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I'll be running!
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Hey, I just wandered around that park today looking for a kayak launch point. Hint, it's on the other side of the river.
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Me and baniak will be helping phunniemee at her checkpoint!
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Hey, what's the actual timing on this? I've got another commitment on Saturday, but I'm planning to do this again. I just remember previous years getting there and standing around for an hour before the fun times. I'd like to not do that again.
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I think takeoff time is 7pm. But the gathering/check-in is 6:30.
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Thanks for the cookies! I didn't catch anyone else, but I did help intimidate two groups into quitting (leaving the safe zone by cab). Guess I'll take what I can get.

Will the full bedtime story be posted anywhere?
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NSAID: It was great meeting you! Hopefully you can come to more Chicago stuff!

I just posted the CP4 story up on facebook...and here, because why not:

Once upon a time in the great city of Chicago, four score and seven years B.C., there was a magic dog named Max who could talk. He had a bunny friend named Peter. He also enjoyed walking his pet llama on the beach. And they were best friends with a dino. It was almost as if he lived in a zoo--in fact, he did.

One day, he came home to find an elephant also had a Zulu tribe member. He had a unicorn. Well, it was a quadricorn. The quadricorn took them for a ride in his Millennium Falcon and tried to figure out the wibbly, wobbly time-space. Dissatisfied with existing theory, he consulted the monkey on magnetic monopoles. The monkey thought Max was his quantum twin however, he hadn't, so he couldn't leap home. :( Faced with his dilemma, he consulted Donkey Kong.

Purple monkey dishwasher, also balls...

Needless to say, the quadricorn and the dishwasher made sweet, passionate hoo-hah time. Asshats in the White House played with seapigs. Things were less satisfying for the dishwasher, who detested being dirty. But there was no more soap.

Fortunately, a super penguin was there to save the day, and the flowers were in bloom! Then suddenly an ewok killed the monkey for his genitals and wore them around his neck.

And times were good for two days.

But then, the "bad times" truly began. A seapig broke loose and attacked a unicorn. The unicorn was not harmed, but the seapig lost its tail. It got super pissed and downed a bottle of Skul. Then it threw up because Skul is gross. It was super chocolate wasted but kept drinking.

But lo! The ewok was back! And this time, Jesus was with him! From the sky came a ravenous horde of flying bricks. And then he said, "run, there's a chaser!" [Ed. note: that last line was written in Hindi.] And it turned out that indeed, Mary Magdalene was wearing a red ribbon--a ribbon that flowed with the blood of her victims. It bled blue and ran heavily into her sandals. With wet feet, she tred into the water. With a terror in her step and hope in her heart, she jumped over the dog. The dog barked thrice: "WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" then bit her on the shin. She then transformed into her true self: a one-armed midget on a tricycle.

A policeman approached and said, "stop!" He asked gruffly, "is your name Gordo?" to which she replied, "who wants to know?" [Ed. note: this next part is apparently in Java.]
Input x:"(___)";
and then I went and found Nutella to eat at the next checkpoint. "AWW YEAH," said the midget, "I got dem Nutella."

Nutella, however, would not prove advantageous in the game. Chasers have keen noses for Nutella. This is why it's a good idea to be a fast eater, which any Journeyer knows they should train for. They should also be great at dodging cars. Personally, I would take lessons from Batman, as he is a Nutella eating/running champ.

Batman, however, is unfortunately still in Gotham. Also balls. Got balls of steel. Which is actually Superman's thing.

And then the fire nation attacked...gather the Dragon Balls! En Taro Adun.

Once upon a time, Zyta Zielona Matna was making a very special cake for her Niece. It contained the milk of the llama, the most feared beast of the Andes, garbage, and cabbage. She then proceeded to call 773-202-(beep bop boop bop)-LUNA for all her carpet needs. Unfortuately she lost a bet because Olah can't make 3s. How can he not make two 3s, anyone could do it.

Anyway, she put the cake in the oven and proceeded to bake it, but the pilot light was out, so she had to go to the basement to get a replacement. But there were none and the night was black and cold. And the egg broke at midnight so she went to go find something.

Meanwhile, runners headed to 5! While running, they encountered a t-rex! The t-rex was very hungry for love...and that's how the t-rex learned about hugs even though his arms were small.

The end.
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