Weeklyn Meetup
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Wed April 17 at 7:15 PM, Soda Bar
629 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Ok, so no one got around to putting this up earlier, so this is last minute, but if you people are interested: weekly meetup, Soda Bar.
There's supposed to be something clever here, but it's late and I'm putting this up right before bed. So you provide the cleverness.
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I still haven't given up completely on this half-marathon business so I'm going to go for a run after work, which means I'll sashay in around eight.
posted by unannihilated at 5:56 AM on April 17, 2013

So, duh (trying to help with your cleverness request) I got distracted by the Greenpoint one next week and forgot all about this week. I plan on attending.
posted by wintrymix at 7:32 AM on April 17, 2013

If class ever ends, I will try to make it. I have a presentation tonight, yech.
posted by mlle valentine at 9:25 AM on April 17, 2013

Doh. Don't think I can make this one. But Soda Bar is pretty nice.
posted by overhauser at 1:22 PM on April 17, 2013

I have to update my status to 'no', but I would like to revisit this place as a venue in the future.
posted by wintrymix at 3:26 PM on April 17, 2013

We are in the backyard!
posted by unannihilated at 4:26 PM on April 17, 2013

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