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Sun March 24 at 6:00 PM, Half Acre Tap Room
4257 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
I used to live in Chicago. I come back a lot, but I've never been to a Chicago meetup. Would anyone like to go out for drinks on Sunday, March 24, at Half Acre Tap Room?
I get into town during the day on Friday the 22nd and leave Monday morning, and I haven't really scheduled up my time for this visit yet, so I am throwing this out here to see if anyone would like to go get drinks, and if there is any strong preference on day/time/location.

When I moved away the list of good beer bars in Chicago looked like this: Hopleaf, Map Room. Now there are lots to pick from! Owen & Engine has worked out well for me when I've been getting groups together, but I know there are lots of exciting places I haven't even been to yet, so suggestions are welcome. I want some place that has good beer, won't be too crowded or loud at the time we choose to go, and will be cool about us not knowing an exact table size for the group.

I will be staying near Foster & California so proximity to Lincoln Square is a nice bonus, but I don't mind giving my Chicago Card a workout either.
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Hey alright! jessypie posted another meetu...


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Hah! I thought the exact same thing!
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I think I've already got plans the evening of the 23rd, but might be able to swing something after work on the 22nd.
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what yg44 said!
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I'd be into getting some drinks! I wish I had good bar suggestions; Hopleaf and O&E are great. I also like Local Option if you happen to be into a wide assortment of fancy and powerful beers.
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I have a thing on the night of the 22nd, unfortunately.
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Okay I definitely need to go to Local Option, but between the prices and alcohol content of their beers, I'm guessing it is not everyone's ideal meetup spot.

Would anyone come out for early Sunday evening beers, like 6 pm or so? I'm not sure about doing Friday night because if anything goes wrong with my flight it will make me late for my own meetup (oh the embarrassment!), and plus everywhere will be really crowded.

Does anyone have suggestions besides Hopleaf and Owen & Engine, or a strong preference for one or the other of those two?
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Proximity to Lincoln Square + good beer = Half Acre Taproom and/or Bad Apple.

I could be in for this.
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Oh this is just torture. Yes, both of those place are awesome. If you want something closer CTA, Fountainhead is also awesome and is right off the Brown Line and Damen bus.

*bird flip*
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Early Sunday beers sounds good. I've actually never been to Half Acre.

Nuts to you! SpoffyRib!
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Hmm, I'll be passing through Chicago that weekend. Not sure what my plans with friends are yet....
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So...Half Acre Tap Room on Sunday evening? I've had Half Acre beers and been to their shop, but I think the tap room is new since my last trip to Chicago.
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Half Acre on Sunday sounds really great to me! The tap room is quite new and is really lovely. No food, but Bad Apple is just across the street if people need food or a change of scenery at some point.
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Half Acre on Sunday sounds really great to me!

I support this.
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Boo - I'm in a pool league now that plays Sunday evenings, so I'm unavailable any Sunday from now until June.
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Confirmed for 6 pm on Sunday! Used the "update attendees" pony!

Sorry I'll miss you, youngergirl44, but I'm looking forward to seeing anyone who is able to make it out next Sunday!
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Having just moved back to Chicago, I'm gonna try to make it.
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Jess's former Chicago roommate here - I've always wanted to go to a local MeFi meetup and I've also wanted to go to Half Acre...SCORE!
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In the tradition of meetups held within walking distance to my home, I am thrilled by this, and I will break tradition by actually showing up at this one.
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I might be able to show up late, but I'll be riding the El all day with my dad. We're a little bit nuts.
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Please note, I neither have, nor am in possession of, a pre-schooler, but I have been asked if one could bring one to Half-Acre (although not on the afternoon in question). My guess was "no", as there is no food, but said pre-schooler is pretty happy to sit anywhere with a handful of toys and the occasional bit of attention. Plus, said pre-schooler's grandfather spent many an hour at a booth in a Chicago corner tavern at the same age. But, like I said, we think this isn't really done anymore. I think it would be a no kids, please, kind of place, but as I've never been, I don't know. Opinions, please!
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OK, now that it is within stumbling distance of my girlfriend's apartment, I have no excuse for missing this one.

If Half Acre is out of that beer with the ridiculous name about the hunter and the game I will be very sad.
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we are currently ahead of Portland in the meetup activity list. Great job getting together and having fun guys while simultaneously showing those Portland hipsters that they can't have more fun then us Chicago hipsters.
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We are here a little early--we are at the northwest table in the central cluster of tables.
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As it turns out, Andrew made the right call: no karaoke on Sundays!
posted by eamondaly at 10:14 AM on March 25, 2013

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