Mefites of Tulsa - Cosmo Saturday March 23 5p
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I will be in Tulsa in late March and would love to meetup with some local mefites for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine - perhaps in the Brookside area, suggestions are welcome. Please indicate your interest! Looks like Saturday March 23 is it.
Making it official! And as I do I realize I forgot to ask what time is good for everyone - I've put 5.00 in but let me know if something else works better for everyone.
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Hi! I should be up for sure as long as it's a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (my Mon-Thursdays are quite hectic). But I've been told that if we can do Saturday the 23rd, there's a good chance thatothrgirl will make the trip up from OKC.

I work Saturdays but am normally home by 5ish, so I can be cleaned up and have my dog taken care of by 6, so anytime after 6:30 or so should be fine. I live way out South so location is a non issue (Brookside or Cherry Street or Downtown is all kind of the same to me).

Have you been here before? I can definitely make some venue suggestions, but it'll probably be tomorrow before I fire up my ailing laptop and can be arsed to make proper links. Tulsa meetups in the past have been really small (3-4 folks), but I'll ping the others I've met that live in the area and see if I can pull them out.
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Hey Ufez! Let's make it Saturday then!

I've been to Tulsa, but I am not so familiar with what venues are currently still available - that Irish pub on Cherry street - Kilkinneys? - springs to mind. But other suggestions are welcome.
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I could possibly make it from OKC. It has been a long time.
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Okay, sorry. Busy week.

Yes, Kilkenny's is still there on Cherry Street, and very good. It can be pretty crowded on a weekend night, but if that's chosen, it looks like they take reservations, so I'd be happy to make one when we get a solid number.

There's also The White Owl on Cherry St, which is kind of a pubby place. The food is really good, though the menu is not terribly expansive. Can get a little hipstery on weekends, and may be rather loud, but a good option as well.

Depending on the weather, Brookside may be better. They have a bunch of places with patios if it's nice out. March in Tulsa can vary wildly. It may be 65 and pleasant or below freezing with six inches of snow. In the same week.

A couple of quick options on Brookside: Cosmo Cafe is a great place for appetizers and sandwiches. Full bar, nice patio. They also have WiFi. There's also Leon's, which is a sports bar type place, but they have fantastic food. There are TVs everywhere though, and that may be March Madness time, so I dunno if it's the best option.

Bonus for Brookside is that if people want to do something afterwards, there's Sharky's right there if anyone wants to go shoot some pool or throw some darts. It's not the nicest place in the world, but it is, after all, a pool hall.

Anyhow, those are the places I'm most familiar with. I'm open to other suggestions, of course, or if you all want to open downtown/Blue Dome to the list, I can offer some places there too.
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Cosmo is nice. The mexican restaurant next door is pretty good, too. They have great drink specials sometimes. The owners have a new place downtown called Laffa that's supposed to be good. The Vault is a fantastic mid-century-modern restaurant downtown, but their prices are not the most reasonable in town. They have a good drink menu as well, and a great second floor bar area with a nice weather patio. I really enjoy the scenery there.

Max Retropub in Blue Dome is pretty neat. They've got some old arcade games and an 80s theme.

Didn't you guys who made the last Tulsa meetup go to White Owl?
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I don't know if White Owl was the last one, wierdo, but it was definitely one of the two most recent. They only seem to happen every year or so.
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Wow, Tulsa has more to it than I knew. These options all sound great. I have been to Cosmo before and it was good.

Weirdo - can you make it?
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If I don't end up having to spend my Saturday night at work, yes. I should know in a week or two whether it will end up being that weekend or not.
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At the Last one we ended up at Blue Dome.

I am actually in Tulsa the weekend before to help with a speech and debate tournament, and can't really justify two trips up from Dallas so close together. Oh well. My vote would've been for somewhere on Brookside. Both the places ufez mentioned are top notch.
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Sorry to miss you, grandsham.

So, bunderful, anything among these options listed appeal to you? We might should try to put a pin in this and make it official sometime soon. Last I heard from her, thatothrgirl is still planning on coming up (she'll be staying with me) and nadawi and radiosilents are going to try to make it out (they live a bit up north of town).
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I think everything sounds great. My biggest concern is being in a place that's relatively quiet - hard for me to hear in noisy restaurants / bars.

I think Cosmo might be the best bet - I remember it being relatively quiet though that was a Sunday afternoon.
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Yeah, I have a hard time hearing in crowded/loud places too. Of the places listed above, Cosmo is probably the best (I've only sat on the patio, but I don't think it's the type of place to get too terribly noisy inside). Kilkenney's is probably second on the list if you can get a table in the back, but the front area can be pretty noisy.

I'm good with that if you want to make it official! I'll pester thatothrgirl to come in and RSVP as well.
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I'm gonna try to beg off of work at noon that day, but just in case it doesn't happen, 6:00 is a much safer bet on my end. Even then, I may be a tad late, but those are rare occasions.
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I'm going to be there.
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Glad to hear it, francesca! It'll be good to see you again.
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I'm in! I'll be on Ufez's schedule & have asked another gal I know in Tulsa, that I don't see often enough, to join us, too. Hope that won't be a problem
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Ufez just gave me the heads-up on this because I was bemoaning the infrequency of OK meetups. But unfortunately it's the tail end of OSU's spring break, and so I'll be flying over you all with a pack of exhausted students, on our way back to OKC/Stillwater. Sorry to miss you all!
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Bah, sorry you'll be unable to make it obilquicity. Hope your Spring Break's going well. We'll catch up this fall

So bunderful are we ready to make this official? But can we call it 6? I mean, unless you want me showing up in scrubs covered in fur and various animal fluids (hint: You *really* don't). Or later if that works better for anyone else.
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I'm SO sorry. Something came up and I had to cancel my flight :( Which brings me no joy, I assure you.

I hope you have a great time anyway! Ufez, I think it's already official but let me know if there's something else I should do.
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Gah. Sorry to hear that bunderful. Hope all's well.

note to francesca too: thatothrgirl is still planning on coming up. We're still down for Cosmo Cafe at 6 if you're going to make it. Let me know and I'll shoot you my cell number in me-mail in case we get caught up.
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I'll still come. Jim is after some warblers on Riverside, and he will drop me off at six.
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Sorry guys, I totally got waylaid on Saturday. Not by the work I was expecting three weeks ago, which has been postponed to the indefinite future, but by some other BS that it was decided had to get done over the weekend.

I really will make it to one of these eventually.
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