Back in Chicago - Thursday 31st
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Thu January 31 at 6:30 PM, Rossi's Liquors
412 North State Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Rossi's It Is! A last minute trip has me in Chicago this Thursday night. I am staying at the Marriott on Magnificent Mile downtown. I haven't seen you guys in over a year.
So we should probably grab drinks if it works for anyone. I realize it's supposed to be balls freezing cold out this week, but if anyone is around downtown after work and wants to grab drinks, I would be game.
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I'll be nearby listening to a talk by Paul Krugman until 7:30 or so. I will be watching this space to see where you land. Economics and beardy dudes make me thirsty.
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I'm down. I work in the loop and will be done around 6.30 or so. Where do you wanna go?
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I have a business thing at the Excheq, but it's over earlyish. Where are you thinking? What's up near that Marriot other than Timothy O'Tooles and Inn Bar?
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Rossi's liquors looks interesting, but I defer to the locals.

There is, of course, always the billy goat.
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I have like eleventy billion things I need to do this week, but if there's something happening right after work (for me 5pm) I can stop by for about an hour.
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Rossi's is an amazing dive bar but it's quite small. I can't make this meetup (will I EVER make a meetup? *sigh*) but if you've got a party larger than five (ha - or maybe four), Rossi's will start to feel cramped.
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I would be up for this too -- pretty much anywhere downtown after work.
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Can't make this, but dropping in to say that Rossi's is my favorite bar in the city. You should go there.
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Rossi's it is. If for some reason more people show up, we can brave the cold and find another place.

Also: Normal, IL is very... Plain and Normal. Looking forward to being in Chicago tomorrow.
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Also: Normal, IL is very... Plain and Normal. Looking forward to being in Chicago tomorrow.

Move Normal, IL with to about 100 miles west and you've just described my life from age 10 - 16, so I'm quite sympathetic.
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Rossi's is cash only. Just wanted to put that out there for anyone who might otherwise want to pay by plastic. The more you know...
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Thanks for the reminder youngergirl44, as I do need to hit up the ATM but it might be telling about what kinds of bars downtown I frequent that the thought of being able to pay with my card didn't even cross my mind.
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Jesus it is cold out.

I am still going to Rossis, even if it means me having to leave my hotel and walk out in these Hoth like conditions for drinks.
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In towards the back, wearing a brown winter coat, being a nerd on an iPhone.
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On my way
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It was great meeting up.

Joe and I stopped in at the goat on our way back, and had the weirdest experience of the night with some aggro dude who took turns insulting and complementing us.
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