Berlin! Transmediale and/or CTM meetup?
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Hello, German Mefites! I'm visiting Berlin and would love to meet new friends while here! Is anyone else attending Transmediale or CTM this week?
My schedule is full but flexible and I'd be happy to try to meet for coffee or a beer... Staying at a hostel near the Warschauer Strasse station, and would love an excuse to get out and explore!
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I should add: I am in Berlin now and will be here through the afternoon of Sunday, 3 Feb...
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Hi -- I'm not attending Transmediale or CTM but I'd be up for a meetup. I work near Moritzplatz, not far from Warschauer str. Maybe Wed or Thurs evening? Anyone else?
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Aw damn, I would LOVE to check out some CTM/Transmediale, but I'm totally busy with rehearsals for this crazy performance-art piece that I've been roped into. Y'all go listen to some lovely music/sounds for me!
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Hey there! So far so good--Matmos was really fun at the opening concert tonight.

Pete, it's great that you're nearby. Let's get together! Thursday works better for me... Dinner? Meet for a beer?
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I would love to join you but I'm busy until Sunday. Have a good time!
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Dinner or a drink on Thursday work for me. I'll think of a location in the area...
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OK there's a nice bar called Kirk at Skalitzer Stra├če 75, next to the El at Schlesisches Tor (one stop from Warschauer Str). Want to meet there at 7.30?

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You're on! Meet you there tonight. Last-minute additions are welcome...

I'm tall with glasses and brown hair. Wearing all black today but my gloves are bright red.
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