Sherwood Forest Faire
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Sun March 17 at 10:00 AM, Sherwood Forest Faire
1883 Old Highway 20, McDade, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm going to Sherwood Forest Faire as my birthday present to myself, and have missed seeing the MeFites I know and meeting new ones, so I'm putting this up in hopes of upping the chance of running into some of you there!
I didn't set this up specifically as a meet-up, because I know folks are likely to want to get there at different times and I think this is more of a case of running into each other. BUT! If we wanted to meet for mead at a specific time or at a particular performance, that would be great. The schedule will be posted some time soon, and I can update the thread with that when it's up.

I'm thinking making a Faire-friendly identifier that will fit on garb or a bag strap or hat or whatever would make it so we can spot each other more easily, since this isn't somewhere I'd wear a t-shirt. Let me know if you like that idea and I'll get on it.

Admission is inexpensive (free for under-5s, $16 at HEB), and we could potentially get a discount if we go as a group ($14ea. for 15+).

They have lots of food, activities, entertainment, and shopping. You don't have to dress up, but it's fun if you do. We (me + mini-batmonkey) will be.

If you need a ride, I can carry 2 more people from within Austin and back and would love to have you along. Just know that we're likely to be there for as much of the day as possible, so it's a real commitment.

The day chosen is fairly specific, as it has the performers I most want to see. If you're only able to go another day, do it! I'll be so happy to see pics from your visit!
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I would like to say maybe but that's the weekend of SXSW, and we have wristbands, so not this time. But if you're also going another day, we could definitely meet up. If not, maybe next year!
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Well met!

I'm a Houston resident and Sherwood Forest Faire regular. I'm not sure about March 17th, but I don't know of any specific conflicts. Mrs. Sourcequench and I tend to go every day we reasonably can throughout the season.

I think having some kind of faire-favor that can act as a Mefite recognition symbol is a great idea in general, not just for this one day.
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Ooh, sounds like fun. I will probably not be able to make it - I work Sundays, and the connection there is spotty, besides which I feel like an asshole wandering around a faire glued to my cellphone - but y'all have fun!
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I'm so new to Austin I don't even have my housing squared away yet, but here I am & looking for folks to meet. It's way too early for me to commit to it but I'm definitely interested. Consider me a definite maybe.
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immlass: congrats on the wristbands - I'm sure you'll have an awesome time! if you do go on another weekend, I hope you'll post pics here for us to admire. also: isn't another karaoke meetup past due?

sourcequench: and well met to you! you make a good point about the! plotting more seriously now. I look forward to the ruling on attendance. I'm a SFF newcomer this year, so meeting regulars (and from my hometown) would be splendid.

restless_nomad: while thoughts of hiding a cellphone in something more faire appropriate is appealing, that does make complete sense. I hope you go on another day that's more compliant with your schedule!

scalefree: huzzah and welcome! I hope you're enjoying Austin and that it mostly has only good culture shocks, if any at all.
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Another karaoke meetup may happen soon, also another general meetup. I'm thinking about those things! (A show of interest would encourage me either way for which one to arrange first.)
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I haven't been to a Faire out here yet, and I think I'll be able to go that day. Plus this would be the first MeFi event, so that'd be fun.
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Okay, they finally posted the schedule for this coming weekend!

immlass: I'm into both of those'll be June when I can do something again, but I'm eager!

Talanvor: hurrah!
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Okay I managed to make it out here. that road took about a decade off my life! but seriously if you see a tall guy with long hair glasses and a black shirt looking lost, that'd be me.
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