MeFites in Berlin?
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Thu December 27 at 8:00 PM, Cafe Engels
Herrfurthstraße 21, 12049 Berlin, Germany (Map & Directions)
I'm so excited that my trip to Berlin is finally here! I will be staying in the Prenzlauer Berg area between December 22-28. I realize this is a very sticky time of year to try to host a meetup, but I would dearly love to meet up with any Berliner MeFites in the area. My schedule is extremely flexible (the only thing on the docket so far are Christmas Eve dinner reservations), and I'm up for most things as long as they don't involve waiting in a line for three hours. Would anyone be interested in a meetup? I'm open to any suggestions for venues, since this is my first time visiting Berlin!!
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Have fun! Indeed, I'll be back in Canada for the holidays, but you'll have lots of fun here. Be sure to check out all of the Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas Markets). Each one is rather different…
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Hey this sounds fun! If it ends up being in that twilight area after Christmas but before New Years I might be able to stop by with Leucistic Cuttlefish, especially if someone has a couch we could crash on.
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Yay! I'm in Berlin from the 26th, a meetup would be great. I can do late afternoon/evenings 26th, 27th or 28th.
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I'd be up for a meet up. I'll be around through all that time.

My 30th birthday is actually on the 27th. On one hand, this means I will likely be out of action on the 28th. On the other, I don't have any concrete plans because most of my friends will be gone for the holidays (story of my life).

So the 26th or 27th works for me. The 26th I'd be up for anything. The 27th for me will involve heavy drinking and heavy dancing.

And Blasdelb: I would likely be able to provide a couch.
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Seconding Blasdelb!

Alex404: yay!
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Anyone going to 29C3 this year? I'm there. I'm going to Berlin for New Years immediately afterward.
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The 26th or 27th is fine for me. And my birthday is on the 28th, but i will gladly share birthday celebrations with you, Alex404!
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Well, shall we make it official and say the 27th? This way, since I'm sure we'll all be up way past midnight (at least the group that I'll be with), it'll be on the 28th too and we'll both get some birthday in there.

If I were to suggest a place to meet, I would say Engels:

It's a really nice place and quite big, so I don't think we'll have too much trouble fitting a bunch of people on the 27th. I can also ask them and maybe make a reservation.

Any thoughts?
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27th sounds good to me I am not the party animal I once was, so I dunno how late I'll manage to stay up (though who knows, I may still be on Louisiana time) but if we get started earlier in the evening, I'm down. I haven't looked yet, how are transportation options in the evening between Neukolln and Prenzlauer Berg?
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great, I'll be around as well I think. As for transportation, subways run until about midnight. after that, there are busses. It'll take a bit longer, but it's mostly good, even on weekdays.
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The 27th, sometime evening, at Engels, thats spitzenklasse! I'm good.
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Yah, as far as transit is concerned, you'll never really get stuck in Berlin, you just might end up taking 45 minutes to an hour instead of 15 minutes to half an hour. I'll drop by Engels in the next couple days to confirm that they're open on the 27th.

And Blasdeb and Leucistic Cuttlefish: just reconfirming that I can provide you a place to stay no problem, it just might be a bit full. If you don't mind a sleeping bag in a room with a few other people, then by all means.
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Alex404, as soon as you can confirm that it's open on the 27, I can make it into a formal meetup. Can we shoot for starting around 8 in case I lose steam before midnight? Or is that super lame? ;)
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So I finally got my ass over to Engels, and they are indeed open on the 27th. Let's do it! 8 sounds great. If no one stays past midnight that's totally cool... I don't think anyone needs more than 4 hours of me intermittently crying into my beer (except my girlfriend of course. She's in for a hell of a night!)
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Awesome, am going to go ahead and confirm this!
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Hey guys, I am way too shy to go around asking people in my shitty German if they're from the Internet, so if you see me can you say hi? I am a white girl in my mid twenties, and I have dark curly hair and usually wear a giant rainbow wrap as a scarf. Thanks!
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Don't worry, I'll make a little metafilter sign!
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Yay, thanks for all your help, Alex404! Looking forward to it.
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I'll be there around 8 as well.
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Sitting in the front room y'all
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Hey MeFites, thanks for the awesome time! Let me know if y'all ever come to New Orleans, I'd be delighted to show you around.
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