Upstate NY Winter Holiday Cabin Fever Pressure-Relief Valve Meetup!
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Thu December 27 at 7:00 PM, The Old Toad
277 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Meetup canceled. Hey! Let's team up to escape the clutches of our dear loved ones this winter holiday time and ensconce ourselves in the company of fellow Mefites somewhere!
Looks like we all want to go to Old Toad. Let's try the 27th at 7:00.
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My timeframe: sometime between Christmas and NYE.
posted by Nomyte at 2:23 PM on December 2, 2012

The ever-popular Old Toad.
Victoire on East ave.
For added crazy, either Lux or Monty's Krown.
posted by oflinkey at 2:35 PM on December 2, 2012

Not sure how much crazy I can stand. Any thoughts on making this an all-ages meetup?
posted by Nomyte at 2:38 PM on December 2, 2012

I'm also in for not-too-crazy, as I'm knocked up. Of the places mentioned, I love the idea of the Old Toad - maybe we can get one of the side rooms? That allows for ordering food, too.
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Old toad would be great for me, but I'm down for anything. Lux is a lot of fun too.
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OK, so far Old Toad is shaping up as the candidate location. Any thoughts on date or time?
posted by Nomyte at 5:44 PM on December 4, 2012

If it's the 27th, there's a chance I'll swing by for a round, but don't schedule anything around me, as I'm in town for just about 12 hours this year.
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Knile, you probably don't remember me because we ran into each other like twice ten years ago, but it'd be cool to meet up again. (I was in Brandom's freshman one-acts lo these many years ago. You took me to Hampden to buy a used hat.)
posted by Nomyte at 1:38 PM on December 5, 2012

Whoa. Hampden.. a used hat.. which year of FOAs? And if you don't mind sharing your first name or another useful clue, that might help jog my memory. :)
posted by knile at 12:16 AM on December 6, 2012

Oops can't make this Will be out of town--sister's birthday. That's a disappointment! Have a good time...
posted by oflinkey at 6:02 PM on December 8, 2012

This doesn't seem to be a convenient time for a meetup. Let's try again next year. The meetup is canceled.
posted by Nomyte at 8:32 AM on December 26, 2012

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