Oklahoma meets Miko
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Sun September 19 at 4:30 PM, Sean Cummings Irish Pub
7521 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, USA (Map & Directions)
Citizens of Oklahoma! Mefi's own Miko will be in town September 19th-25th. We must feast! and quaff! and seriously there have been like two Oklahoma meetups ever and the last was three years ago. Come out and have a beer with us, and meet some awesome, brainy people. We'll make fun of Inhofe.

Date: Sunday, September 19, 4:30 PM

Place: Sean Cummings Irish Pub, 7521 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City. Look for the "Vito's" awning on the west side of the street.
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there have been like two Oklahoma City meetups ever and the last was three years ago

Just sayin'!

I dunno if lunch or an afternoon type thing is on the table for Sunday the 19th, but it y'all decided to do that, I may swing on down from T-town. Only problem is my alarm goes off at 5:45 AM Monday mornings, so I can't stay to far into the evening.

But regardless of if I can attend or not, hope you folks have fun and show Miko a good time.
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Sunday works for me!
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Eep, sorry Ufez. That Tulsa thread kind of sputtered out a week before the meetup, and I... kind of figured you guys didn't actually... sorry!

Anyway, apologies to Tulsa and Tulsans, and we'd love to have you if you can make it down.
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Heh. No offense taken. It was a small (3) but fun afternoon meetup. I'm just being difficult for the sake of fun.
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Well whoopie-ti-yi-yo! I can't wait to see you all, or as many as can make it. Just checked my flight details, and it looks as though I land in OKC, assuming all goes well, just after 2 PM. So, with an hour or so to get to the hotel and settled and all that, I could do a late-afternoon early-evening thing on Sunday - all usual day-of-travel caveats apply, of course, but I could be in touch if the schedule changed.
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Yup, I'm in. Even though that note below this box reads like "Note:" should be replaced with "Warning:"!

I'm in Stillwater, so if there are hordes of other Mefites considering the drive who'd like to carpool (hahaha), let me know.

As for venues -- Sean Cummings isn't downtown, but it's my go-to beer-and-maybe-food spot (and what's downtown, anyway? I ask in all seriousness). It's often pretty empty early on, and also often has live music of some sort, which usually isn't loud enough to drown out conversation, being of the folky variety.
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Dang it, I promised myself I'd go to the next Okie meetup. But on the same day Miko is flying in, I'm flying out. Have a fun time!
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and what's downtown, anyway?
I was thinking vaguely about Tapwerks, but Sean Cummings sounds nigh-perfect. Provisionally switching my vote to that.
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Miko is staying near the Cox convention center, so it might be easier on her if we do Bricktown. Regardless, count me in.
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I'll follow local advice, since I don't know my way 'round yet. I'll leave the place decision up to you all, and show up ready for drinks'n'conversation.
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It's looking pretty good that I'll have the time to swing down 44 for this. So long as I can get a good meal and some conversation before heading back up to Tulsa by 8 or so that evening, I'm fine.
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Scouting report: Sean Cummings is A) a fifteen-minute drive from downtown, B) kind of hard to spot from the road (it shares an awning with Vito's Italian), and C) seats about fifty. They said that Sunday afternoons are light and they could easily handle 6-8. They open at 4 on Sundays. If we're not going to get drowned out by upbeat Celtic music, it looks pretty good to me.

Alternatively, the Bricktown Brewery and Tapwerks both said they could seat us, and both seemed fairly quiet on a Labor Day afternoon. The Brewery has decent food, but their own line of microbrews is all they serve beer-wise.
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My only minor beef with the Bricktown Brewery is that I was just there with family a couple of weeks ago and they have nothing even remotely vegan-friendly on their menu. (Ha! I made a vegan beef joke by accident!)

But I'm friends with the upbeat Celtic musicians at Sean Cummings, so I'm biased :) And after all, beer is vegan-friendly (usually).

Oh, and I'm happy to act as chauffeur, if that helps any.
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Either is fine for me.
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Okay, I'll pipe in - I'm not a huge fan of Tapworks food (*worked across the street from them for too long - burn out city) & Sean Cummings is closer to my part of town anyway, so, I'm def swinging my vote, and my longwinded sentence, towards SC.

Are we thinking 4pmish then?
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Sean Cummings on Sunday, September 19th, maybe 4:30 to give them time to open? If no objections, will post the notice tonight.
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Great! Thanks for figuring this out, all. Just got a big box of turista literature from the Oklahoma CVB and am happily planning my visit. Looking forward to meeting you all!
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Hey, in case anyone's interested, I'm probably going to go see the Shirin Neshat film, Women Without Men, at the OKCMoA at 2pm on Sunday. Which is conveniently timed for right before the meet-up.
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I'd love to see the film, obliquicity, but I bet I won't be fully in town by 2.

So is there a good public-transport option for getting to the pub neighborhood? Should I taxi it, or is there a chance anyone would be heading in from my area of downtown?
posted by Miko at 6:12 AM on September 16, 2010

OKC public transport is always a little chancy (50th of 50 in metro transit ridership, major US cities) - it looks like the closest bus stop is two city blocks away and doesn't run on Sunday. You're on my way, though, so would be happy to give you a lift.
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This doesn't seem to show up on the "Upcoming" sidebar. Is there some doohickie we're supposed to click whenj it's confirmed?
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Oh, never mind me, now. I just haven't learned to work IRL yet.
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No formal reservations at Sean Cummings, but they know we're coming.
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Well....I sincerely hope you're all having a great time and that got the messages I left with the pub staff. I'm sitting here cooling my jets in O'Hare after getting bumped from one flight, standby'd on the next which also ended up being full...I'll now be getting in well after 10. I'm so sad to miss meeting all of you, but glad to provide an excuse at least where you all could get together.

I will be around all week. so after a good night's sleep, would be happy to have other, more informal get togethers if anyone wants to. My time is my own Mon and Tue, and Wed thru Fri I have conference activities but could get away on some evenings or lunches. Please MeMail me for my cell-easiest thing since I am laptop free.

And let me conclude by saying :( :( :(. Connecting thru both Logan and O'Hare, I kind have a feeling in the back of my mind that this wouldn't be an easy day. So sorry to miss you.
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Pub staff relayed message. On behalf of everybody here, all sad to have missed you. You missed some primo ranking on Buzz Aldrin. Thatothergirl says to have some Garret's popcorn while trapped.
In conclusion, :(
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We forgot to make fun of Inhofe.
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But we made fun of Oklahoma legislature in general
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Well, someone (Mr. francesca?) was bagging on Coburn. Close enough, I reckon.
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