CicLAvia 10/7 - Let's ride bikes!
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Sun October 7 at 9:00 AM, Square One Cafe
4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Los Angeles - CicLAvia is happening again this Sunday! In the past we've met to play foursquare, get coffee/lunch/wevs, and ride the course together. This time let's meet for breakfast at 9am before the course opens, then ride our bikes down to MacArthur Park for the festivities!
Previous CicLAvias we've camped out along the course playing foursquare, but I think we should concentrate on meeting at a place for refreshments of some sort in case the keepers of the foursquare ball don't feel like toting it around the bike course this time. Plus, I like riding my bike at the bike-riding event.

Speaking of which, I'll be riding the course a lot, just for fun. Back and forth and back and forth and up and down all of the various legs of the route. Usually I'd start at Melrose/Heliotrope, but it looks like they lopped off that leg this year in favor of going south on Figuroa and north up into Chinatown. Given that, it looks like a good meeting place might be near McArthur Park, or maybe a more central location at 7th & Spring. There's also going to a performance stage and some music acts playing at Grand Park I believe—that might be a good place to gather as well.

In any case let's start at 9am at Square One, on Fountain just south of the big blue $cientology center, for some excellent breakfast. We should be done and headed towards downtown and the course by the time it opens, around 10am. Or if you want we can meet up somewhere along the course while it's open, or if anyone is still up for it by 3pm, we can get a beer or something.

Come on! Let's ride bikes!
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(earlier in the day is better for me)
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 9:39 PM on October 1, 2012

How about breakfast somewhere at like 9am, then ride to 7th & Alvarado?

Brite Spot (probably will be crazy)
Langer's (definitely crazy)
Square One (not too bad in my experience, but can fill up quickly)

Somewhere else? My east Hollywood breakfast selections feel rusty.
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square one is delicious and conveniently located near me! it might not be so bad at 9am.
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Square One sounds like a great idea, I think.
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I started volunteering at the bike coop on fountain (the bike kitchen) and everyone is super excited about this. And so am I!
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I edited the meetup for Square One at 9am. Let's do that for sure, and if anyone wants to suggest some other diversions for later in the day I'm all gears.
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Aubergine, I wanna go back this Thursday night to make some adjustments (and if I'm feeling puckish, maybe disassembling my rear hub again). I love that place! Good on you for volunteering there.
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Well I can't take too much credit because I'm more of a hindrance than a help at the moment. But everyone is incredibly helpful and I feel like I'm learning a lot each time!
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I'm planning to ride with my family, but I can't make the breakfast. I'll wear my MeFi shirt on Sunday (assuming I can find it!).
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Me n Klangklangston are in for a ride. Breakfast is a maybe, but perhaps we can catch up on the ride to downtown, or meeting down at Macarthur park or other downtown locale.

There may also be foursquare, but depends on if we can find a needle to blow up the ball.
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Will anyone be wearing Metafilter shirts? I'm riding with friends starting a little later than you guys, but I'll say hi if I recognize anyone.
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Let's see, I'm contemplating my wardrobe this very moment. I'm going to have a shirt in my pocket too, so I guess I'll either be in my gray 'everybody needs a hug' shirt or my yellow CicLAvia shirt (the old one). Dirty green cargo shorts. Beverly Hills baseball cap? Purple anodized bar-ends on my Fuji mountain bike? I dunno, typing it all out like this sounds so nondescript. It's not like I'm going to be on a double-decker frankenbike or anything. I'll probably be bunny-hopping a lot though, so look for the bouncing guy?

I'll post here again when we're getting ready to leave Square One, and again when we get to the course.
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Well, so much for that. I already wore my CicLAvia shirt this week, so that's in the hamper. And 'everybody needs a hug' is nowhere to be found. Uhhh, that leaves me with about two shirts to choose from, so I'll probably be in a blue tee shirt then.
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If people want to meet up along the route, let's pick a spot. It's pretty silly to leave meeting up to chance over 10 miles with a projected 200,000 people swarming about.
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Let's meet at 7th & spring, say 11? It's more central than MacArthur Park, and I think that's a reasonable amount of time after everyone gets pedaling. Yeah?
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Oh yeah, I'm at Square One, on the patio in the back. Beverly Hills baseball cap.
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I'll be riding a Yuba Mundo (sometimes w/passenger) wearing an old JPL Cycling Club jersey. Likely I will be leaving with the group from Square One.
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Currently chillin at 7th & Spring. We're late, but traffic was a bitch.
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Wow, I was horrible at updating this thread. We had fun! We rode all over LA! Woo!
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