Mini Toronto tvparty meetup?
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Come watch Winnebago Man and Resurrect Dead and help me deface a ridiculously large Morrissey poster. Bring your own chairs, because I don't have many :)
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What a strange assortment of activities! Sounds fun!
posted by cranberrymonger at 4:29 PM on August 14, 2012

When a person is tired of defacing ridiculously large Morrissey posters, they're tired of life. Or something.

Not tired! Let's do it!
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I hear next Saturday, August 25 could be a good day...
posted by grippycat at 9:46 AM on August 17, 2012

There must be an echo in here ...
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me too
posted by PinkMoose at 7:55 PM on August 17, 2012

So it looks like we have at least 4-ish people interested so far, which meets my definition of "mini". Should this be marked as confirmed for Saturday August 25? We might even pick up a couple more people as they'll get alerts. Proposed events tend to be kind of invisible.
posted by maudlin at 6:52 PM on August 21, 2012

i have my going away party then
posted by PinkMoose at 10:20 PM on August 21, 2012

I have my birthday party then :) Sorry dudes.
posted by cranberrymonger at 6:56 AM on August 22, 2012

What about mid-September?
posted by tantrumthecat at 7:29 PM on August 28, 2012

How's Saturday the 15th for everyone? Also: after careful discussion with tantrumthecat, I propose a better tvparty - MICHAEL BAY EXPLOSIONS!!! Let's watch Transformers, and take a shot for each explosion. Also also: I have a new roommate, and I'd love to frighten/welcome him with a live-action, mefite-filled welcome to Toronto :)
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Aw man, I'm generally a sucker for Michael Bay being awesome, but between figuring out my TIFF schedule and a relative's birthday, that weekend's all up in the air for me.
posted by zix at 12:03 PM on August 29, 2012

One neat thing is that all the TIFF locations are between Bathurst/Queen/Yonge/Lakeshore - - and holy cow, so am I! I'm happy to be a mid-TIFF stop :)
posted by grippycat at 2:02 PM on August 29, 2012

oh, nope - I totally read that map wrong - lots of blue-markered Hospitality is in that part of the city. I hang my head in shame.
posted by grippycat at 2:05 PM on August 29, 2012

Saturday the 15th is doable. :)
posted by tantrumthecat at 6:32 PM on August 30, 2012

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