D&D free-for-all in Everett/Mukilteo WA
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Partly to show willing after bailing early at the Greenwood meetup, and partly because I have been hankering for some Tabletop D&D for ages, I propose an evening of Dungeons And Dragons at the AFK Tavern or other suitable location around Mukilteo WA.
The game will be D&D 3.5, which is similar to 3.0 and very similar to Pathfinder. I will have pregen characters, a module, miniatures, all that good stuff. If you've played D&D, welcome! If you've NOT played D&D, welcome!! All you need is a willingness to have fun, and alcohol will be available, so how can you lose?

The more people who show up, the more chaotic things will get, and/or we can just hang out and play other games if no one wants to play D&D.

But I'm just saying, I'm volunteering to run something!

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I live in Everett! I haven't played D&D since the 70s but I think I could get back into the swing of things.
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Alas, my work schedule is lousy, with friday and saturday no goes for me... if it's sunday evening though, I could run up there from Bellevue.
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Depending on the day, I could do it. Evenings are good for me. AngelWuff, I could carpool with you - Bellevue is on the way for me.

And I'm into DnD!
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I'd love to play some tabletop D&D! My schedule is reasonably flexible, with evenings or weekends being the best, and Friday nights being the worst. I might be able to bring a friend or two if we need more players.
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