Long Beach/OC meetup/South Bay
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Sat July 14 at 12:00 PM, Karl Strauss
901 S Coast Dr, Costa Mesa, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I enjoyed the LA area meet up I went to recently, but it's in the far North of LA and that cuts out a bunch of the Orange County and South Bay mefis I see out there.

Ok, the time is noon on July 14th.
The place Karl Strauss
901 S Coast Dr Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I'll make a sign to make it easy to find us.
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I feel like I said this years ago in a LB/OC meetup thread, but if y'all decide that Pike would be a good place to meet I'm there in a heartbeat.
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I say Yay!
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And that I can't think of any good places to meet.
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In Long Beach Joe Jost's or Gallagher's also seem like they'd be good for a meetup. Congregation is a great place but can get pretty damn crowded on a weekend night.
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Although it's up to you all, as I will be in San Jose for work in July. Have fun!
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As I'm currently in San Diego, I'm obviously going to press for as far south OC as possible. ;) Beyond that, I'm cool with any place you guys come up with.
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We had one at Joe Jost's awhile ago that worked out well. I love congregation but agree that it can get a little crowded. I'm in Irvine, so I'm open toward moving a little more south as well.
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Sounds good, I'm in Costa Mesa.
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I just saw this, and any Orange County location is great with me. I'm in Anaheim, but I'd be perfectly happy heading down to the south end of the county for a meet-up (it's definitely easier and less stressful to move from one end of Orange County to the other than to go up into Los Angeles).
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Ok, it seems like the idea of southern OC is popular. Any ideas for locations down that way?
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I'm in San Diego but would also like to come along! Hot Like Your 12V Wire, we might want to consider carpooling.
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What about Haven Gastropub? I used to go there in college and it's awesome.
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In South OC there's the Auld Dubliner at The District, Karl Strauss, Iron Press (I haven't tried, but it's in SoCo area), and they have a weekly nightly food truck thing (and they sell beer) at OC Fairgrounds on Wednesday.
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Karl Strauss is always delicious and tends to have plenty of room mid-week. Never tried any of the other suggestions.
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I was assuming people would want to get together on the weekend. We could do midweek to, in fact I know at least one person who that would be easier for. Can I get a quick headcount about who would like weekend and who would like weekday?

Otherwise I'm thinking noon-ish at Karl Strauss on the 14th.
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Ok, switched from proposed to actual.
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Sorry for the delayed response. I was outa town for the 4th. I'm not sure if I can make Saturday. Weeknights tend to be easier for me since I can stop by after work.

I'll see if I can make Saturday work. Where'd the rest of this thread vanish off too?
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I have friends in town that weekend, have fun all :)
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hmm...no one is even clicking on Maybe...

Perhaps I shouldn't have set a date so close to Comic Con. If no one else can make it maybe I should fold up tent on this date and give it another try later. Would that work better for everyone?
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Alright. This meet up seems to have fizzled out so I'm pulling out too. I may try again in a month or so.
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Yeah, ComiCon swallows up all possible plans, it seems. Up for trying again in August.
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