Manhattanhenge May 2012
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Tue May 29 at 6:30 PM, Shake Shack, Madison Square Park (then 23rd Street & Avenue tbd)
Madison Square Park, 10 Madison Ave, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Manhattanhenge is nigh upon us, time to gather and watch the sunset between the skyscrapers of NYC. The meetup starting point will be at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (23rd St & Madison) after 6pm. Once we have a quorum of mefites, we can decide when & how far East we want to be at sunset (8:17pm) posted by oh yeah! to Meetup (34 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

I'm torn. It's late enough in the evening that I could made it there after work, but then I'd get home late on a work night...
posted by Karmakaze at 5:12 AM on May 11, 2012

I'm in for some henginess! Will travel to approp location.
posted by lalochezia at 5:30 AM on May 11, 2012

A little sun couldn't hurt.
posted by Smart Dalek at 5:45 AM on May 11, 2012

I would be up for this.
posted by Wretch729 at 11:02 AM on May 11, 2012

I'm game for it
posted by TravellingCari at 2:03 PM on May 11, 2012

This sounds like fun! I can't guarantee that I'll make it due to baby-watching stuff but I will give it a good try! Tuesday would be better because I'm always busy Wednesdays for some odd reason... ;)
posted by the young rope-rider at 7:50 AM on May 14, 2012 [1 favorite]

I'd be up for it, and I think I'll still be in the city then.
posted by Kadin2048 at 11:40 AM on May 14, 2012

I figured Tuesday would be better - no conflict with Brooklyn (unless bad weather forces the issue). Does the Shake Shack work as a starting point? While the Empire State or Chrysler buildings would be photogenic, those cross-streets are bound to be more crowded than 23rd Street will be.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:16 PM on May 14, 2012

It works for me!
posted by the young rope-rider at 4:58 AM on May 16, 2012

I like.
posted by milestogo at 3:43 PM on May 16, 2012

I'm in!
posted by SpaceWarp13 at 9:17 AM on May 17, 2012

Ok, 3 votes is good enough for me, status edited from proposed to confirmed!
posted by oh yeah! at 5:03 PM on May 17, 2012

(you want to be east at sunset for optimum viewing)

The Tudor City bridge is an awesome space from which to watch, but it gets crowded early.
posted by elizardbits at 5:01 PM on May 18, 2012

Oops, I will edit the post. (I know I have no sense of direction, but I usually at least have reading comprehension skills.)
posted by oh yeah! at 5:33 PM on May 18, 2012

Mmmmmm, shakes and fries.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 11:22 AM on May 21, 2012

Note to self: work on reading comprehension. I was just about to turn myself inside out to get there tonight.
posted by computech_apolloniajames at 3:12 PM on May 23, 2012

I've changed the start time to 6:30, don't want to confuse anyone into showing up after we've left the Shake Shack area.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:42 PM on May 26, 2012

Manhattanhenge day 1 is here! I hope some of you maybe's can make it tonight, looks like it will be rain-free.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:30 AM on May 29, 2012

I probably will not make it; the heat kills me and I can't walk all that fast anyway. But I look forward to seeing pictures!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 7:50 AM on May 29, 2012

I'm going to try and make it to Shake Shack at 6:30, but in case I don't, would someone mind updating this thread with where you guys are so I can catch up?
posted by Kadin2048 at 10:14 AM on May 29, 2012

No worries, Kadin2048, I'm only planning on being there so early because I'd rather kill time in the park than at my desk.
posted by oh yeah! at 1:07 PM on May 29, 2012

I'll be there around 6:30, looking for y'all at Shake Shack
posted by Stynxno at 1:45 PM on May 29, 2012

As it's 6:22 and I'm still at my desk, this isn't happening :( I look forward to photos.
posted by TravellingCari at 3:22 PM on May 29, 2012

Sunset isn't til 8:17, plenty of time left to get here if you change your mind.
posted by oh yeah! at 3:27 PM on May 29, 2012

Ok i am just getting to the park where are folks? im in a blue shirt with a black bag
posted by Wretch729 at 3:29 PM on May 29, 2012

We are on the food line, Wretch, towards the back - I'm the redhead in the brown tank top & kahki pants, theres a blond kid on a scooter behind me.
posted by oh yeah! at 3:39 PM on May 29, 2012

I'm here also. Standing near the dead tree near the fountain, blue shirt and jeans.
posted by Kadin2048 at 3:39 PM on May 29, 2012

And now I am at the bench facing the ordering windows, devouring a burger.
posted by oh yeah! at 3:47 PM on May 29, 2012

We have moved to Live Bait (bar on 23rd opposite the park) for a bit, very cloudy outside, so we're going to stick around the 23rd St & Broadway cross street to see what we can see.
posted by oh yeah! at 4:52 PM on May 29, 2012

Bummer about the clouds but lovely to meet some cool mefites. I got an earful about how lame Manhattan mefites are vs fun loving Brooklyn, so we'll have to do something else fun soon to combat this slander. Possibly a visit to the Hayden Planetarium to demand Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain why he permitted clouds to ruin our view?
posted by Wretch729 at 5:43 PM on May 29, 2012

Yeah, sorry the weather was uncooperative; hopefully we'll have better luck in July.
posted by oh yeah! at 6:30 PM on May 29, 2012

Couldn't make it; no LIRR service west of Jamaica. Hope I can make it in July.
posted by Eideteker at 7:17 PM on May 29, 2012

I was riding home, and saw that the cloud cover was not going to let us have our show, so kept on for home. But it was a pretty spectacular sky even without the sun.
posted by computech_apolloniajames at 7:35 PM on May 29, 2012

I had to deal both with my eyes being dilated AND my gaslighting smegma of a condo board president, so I had to pass.
posted by brujita at 10:37 PM on May 29, 2012

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