Knoxville Meetup? Saturday, 14 April? Public House on Magnolia?
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I suggested a Knoxville meetup last year but it fizzled. Never one to learn from my mistakes, I'm trying again! Can we scrounge up enough East Tennesseans for a meetup?
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I do not know why IRL thinks this meetup is for Briceville (I had to check google maps to FIND Briceville, TN.) I've pinged the mods about it, but to be clear, this proposed meetup is in Knoxville.
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OK, nevermind... I fixed it. How odd.

Great. Now I'm talking to myself.
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I could, quite possibly, do a Knoxville meet-up! Technically I live over Nashville-way, but my folks are in Knoxville, so it'd be easy to do a combined parental visit/MeFi meetup, as long as it was on a weekend.

(I'm proffering my credentials, obviously, by saying "Nashville-way" and "folks". That's how you all can know I'm a real East TNean.)
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Hey, workerant, some of the best conversations I have are with myself. :-)

I'm in Chattanooga. I'd love to come, but driving back late at night would be problematic. (I assume that Public House is a night spot?) Still, I'd love to meet up, so please consider me an "aspirational maybe" in this endeavor. ;-)
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Wow, I think I'll be in Knox on this date, my husband is attending some kind of father/daughter thing at school with our daughter. So I'm in, representing West Tennessee.
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I am also in Chattanooga and am a maybe. Is the Public House a restaurant? Bar?
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I am also in Chattanooga and am a maybe. Is the Public House a restaurant? Bar?

You could try Google. They have it on computers nowadays.

Another 'Noogan here. My Mom's in Knoxville, and my grandma's in Morristown, so like WidgetAlley, I could do the combined visit.
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Does the date work for everyone?
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isawthat, the Public House is not just a bar, it is quite a good bar, and they do wonderful house-made infused liqueurs like (if I remember) lemongrass, ginger, etc. If you've never been you're in for a right treat!
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Does the date work for everyone?
To be honest, a week on either side - the 7th or the 14th - would be better for me. I'm a procrastinator and my mom's an accountant, so tax weekend maybe isn't the best. But if that's when raisingsand will be in town, then I say go for it.
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Crap, I meant the 7th or the 21st.
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The 7th would be great for me, but it would be super-tricky for me to do the 21st.
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You could try Google. They have it on computers nowadays.

Thanks lost_cause. I am new to the internet and my large troglodyte fingers have trouble with the keys. Now that I've discovered this Google you write of, I will be sure to write it down as I lack the knowledge to save it on my fancy magic interweb box. Now I need to go eat some lead paint chips. If I can make the meet-up, you will know me by my sloping brow and distant gaze.
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You're welcome. You know I'm always here to help. Heck, I might even give you a ride.
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The 7th works for me, but it's Easter Weekend so we might lose more people than we gain by changing.

The Public House is a very good, smoke-free bar that serves light appetizers & snacks but not full meals.

What say we all on changing to 04/07?
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Didn't even think about Easter. My grandma would, of course, be stoked if I showed up for Easter. But yeah, it's about turnout. I'm really pretty flexible; I'll be there whenever it works best for everyone else.
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I can probably make it whenever. I live in Knoxville, don't have any upcoming travel, I don't celebrate Easter or Tax Day. And I like bars.

Rhythm N Blooms Festival is the 20-22nd - so....... it'll be crowded downtown then.
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So, the 7th it is then? The more lead time for me, the better...
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Well, I'll only be there the weekend of the 14th, and I'm sure as hell not making that long drive two weekends in a row. But I felt like I was elbowing my way in anyway, you know how pushy us Westerners can be. And I do have family commitments that Saturday, with the kid and all since we haven't seen her since Christmas, and would only be able to sneak away for an hour or so. So my feelings won't be hurt if you do it one of the other weekends. I'll be back to move her out of the dorm and WILL NEED A DRINK at the end of that day, so maybe next time.
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The 7th it is. I'll be there, wearing a Metafilter shirt. Hope y'all can come join me!
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What time will everyone be there?
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I will be there around 7pm (I work until 6.)
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So sorry I missed it! I had a research-related emergency and ended up having to try to recover data off a failing hard drive instead. :( Hope everyone had a wonderful time!
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Oh, crap; I had it on my calendar for this weekend! How did it go?
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