An Evening of Nasty Palindromes
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msalt will be in NYC to compete in the World Palindrome Championship! WOW*! He's looking for a small venue in town that might want to host an evening of Nasty Palindromes with 5 of the best palindromists in the world, ideally Friday night March 16th.
A video projector and free drinks for their trouble would be ideal.

Anyone have any ideas?

*wow is a palindrome, unless I'm wrong!
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Thanks, YRR. The Championship will go on until 10 or so, and is at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge near Borough Hall. so something around 11 or 12 near there would be ideal. Thinking a bar, or a loft if there are geeks interested in hosting a unique event.
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Pacific Standard might work - I have no affiliation with them, but I've been to similar events there.
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wow. Know one of your competitors. JOn Agee grew up next to me. I didn't know him as well as he's older but small world. He just came & spoke at my mom's school.

Seconding Pacific Standard. Been to a few good events there.
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My boyfriend says this might be up Union Hall's alley.
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Thanks, much. Does anyone know anyone at those venues? Otherwise I'll cold call them.

Agee's a great guy, I've hung with with him many times. He mentioned something about growing up around there. There's a Brooklyn filmmaker Michael Rossi who will be filming the big event (maybe not the Nasty Palindromes).
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You can try Kevin at Union Hall. Don't know how current that is but I went through him last summer for some bocce. Don't know anyone at Pacific Standard

Yep - we grew up about 25 miles north of Manhattan. Know his parents are or were in Brooklyn too. Have an autographed copy of "Go Hang a Salami...." from shoveling his parents' sidewalk. Small world. Can I root for you two to tie? :)
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Whoops contact info got lost. Kevin
kevin (at) unionhallny (dot) com (718) 638-4400
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Thanks! Agee will be very tough -- he has a great sense of what is broadly popular, and is a gifted artist as well. Put simply, he is the only person in history to make real money off of palindromes, so you have to count him as the favorite.

I aim to be more edgy/literary/elaborate (yet tight) in my work, which I'm proud of but may not win the crowd vote. This standup comedy bit is about as populist as I get. Here also are some recent palindromes on presidential candidates that I wrote.

Thanks again! Mark
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Thanks for the links, loved the history on the WW II one.
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Thanks. It's a great story. Peter Hilton just died last year, as I was actively trying to interview him, but I'm writing an article for the new issue of The Palindromist about his exploits. He wrote the palindrome without even a pencil, in his head, laying in bed.
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OK, the other palindromists got cold feet for appearing in public, so we'll just meet privately. Except the documentary filmmakers is going to shoot it and it appear in a film.

I don't understand it either, frankly, but thanks for your help!
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Thanks for all the help. We had the nasty palindromes meetup informally, at Jon Agee's sister's house. Also, I won the WPC -- Agee came in third, John Connett was second. I hope to be back and make a meetup.
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