Parents of young children meetup
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Sun April 1 at 12:00 PM, The Warehouse
3434 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Mefi parents and their babies/toddlers meetup. A meetup for the rest of us!
First of hopefully many Parents of Young Children meetup! Bring the kids (and spouses/partners/whathaveyou)!
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Don't have kids but I am cheap. I thought I'd drop in to recommend $2 Sundays at OMSI - the first Sunday of every month has $2 admission.
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I would so be down for this. I've got a twelve-month-old. I live in NE Portland, close to I-5, but I also know where Scappoose is! (I used to sing with a choir up there.) I stay at home, so I'm free during the week, but I can also often do weekends.
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Great idea! I'm home with my 14 month old MWF. Weekend are generally pretty busy and I'm often doing catch-up work so tend to not do many playdates on the weekend. I love the OMSI idea. We haven't been since she was too little to get much out of it. I'm in SE, near Woodstock neighborhood.
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Oh yay, I'm glad you guys are interested! I unfortunately work full-time so I really can't do a weekday (unless it's a holiday, so the next time I have a weekday off is Memorial Day). Maybe we could do a Friday evening if Amanda wants to leave weekends free to catch up on stuff?

I'm not sure how I feel about OMSI for a meetup, especially the first of what I hope are many playdate/meetups. I took my son to the Children's Museum recently, and what I found is in a museum with a lot of kids in it, you really can't have much conversation with other adults because you're too busy running after a child who's wandering off, or trying to prevent your little one from being knocked down by the bigger kids. I'm also thinking this might be particularly true on the $2 day when it's probably very crowded. I definitely am interested in going to OMSI with my son, though, so maybe we could do a follow-up meetup on the next $2 day in April for people who are interested?

I'm thinking it would be easiest to be able to actually talk and not worry about watching over the kids as much if we do a meetup at someone's house. Maybe we could do a potluck dinner? Like I said I'm happy to host, but it is about a 45-60 minute drive from Portland out here. If you want to do a Friday evening in Scappoose, I can put together a main course in the crockpot and other people could bring starters/desserts.

Um, OK, I think I probably also need to admit that I'm a bit uncomfortable in crowded, noisy places (which is maybe the other reason why I've never gone to a meetup) so that may factor into why I'm interested more in a house-based meetup.
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Or, if everyone else wants to do OMSI, I'd do that too.
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I have a 4 month old and I would be up for this. How about meeting up theWharehouse Cafe prior going to OMSI? It's just around the corner and ridiculously kid friendly (and very chill). Its only open till 2 on Sunday but we could meet up around lunchtime before heading off.
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I am also not so into going to OMSI, especially not on a full-price day (just not worth it for a kid who's not into it yet -- and also, yes, it will fill my introvert quotient for the day before I even find y'all). I like the potluck idea.
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I just looked up Scappoose! How about a Sauvie Island, Krueger Farm meetup? On the weekends, they have food stands (but it's busier) and on the weekdays they have their picnic area open.
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Oh! And we are big fans of their music nights in the summer. Wed or Thurs evenings. Get there by 5:30, stake out a picnic spot. Grab dinner there and listen to the music. It's kidapalooza.
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Hm. So we've got 3 or 4 suggestions so far. I looked up the Warehouse, and it looks awesome, but it doesn't look like it's around the corner from OMSI -- more like a mile and a half away. Does anyone know how crowded the Warehouse gets on a Sunday at lunchtime? Or is it big enough that it doesn't ever generate a wait?

I love the idea of a Sauvie music night, we should totally do that once the weather is warm enough. Let's do an indoor activity this month though. Since the next OMSI $2 isn't until April 1, should we do a meetup at the Warehouse this month? If we're not tied to a Sunday because we're not doing OMSI afterward, how about a Saturday mid-afternoon Warehouse meetup?
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I've never seen the Warehouse crowded, it not super big but it doesn't get that busy, there are often groups of people meeting up with their kids. I work Saturdays though .
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OK, so we're back to Sunday. Might as well make it a $2 OMSI day then. So how about we meet at the Warehouse at noon on Sunday, April 1 (April Fools Day!), and then when they close at 2, all those who are interested can head over to OMSI?
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OK, I've updated the thread to confirm place and date and time. I will be bringing myself, Toddler Rabbit, and Mr. Rabbit.
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I keep meaning to drop in here and explain my most excellent idea for a meetup...

I think we should do a BBQ/Park meetup wherein the people with kids can show up early (post-nap, pre-dinner, so in my house maybe 4ish?) with the kids and spouses and enjoy a lower level of debauchery, and the people who are ok with a lower level of debauchery (yay Frisbee, or whatever) can also show up around then, and then as kids get tired the parents or parts of the parents will likely leave and the people who are less ok with low levels of debauchery will start to show up, and then eventually it'll be nothing but debauchery when everyone wanders from the park to the nearest bar.

This requires nicer weather.

I'll try to come back to propose it in mid-June so that people have a week or two to argue about when and where to do it in early to mid July, but I meant to do that last year and completely failed, so you're all on the hook now for remembering to do it too.
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oooo. I'll be in town for April 1, visiting my boyfriend who will have his 5 year old and 2 year old - totally up for meeting at the Warehouse.
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I can do April 1. Noon tends to be right around the end of the nap zone but as it's a Sunday and whole weeks away, anything can happen.

I just went to the Warehouse Cafe this past Monday for the first time -- I liked it. Nice open area. Bomb proof for kids. Not a whole lot of toys but enough for thirty minutes of chat time. I'll put it on the calendar!
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Just me and baby Hypothetica will be attending.
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Oh yay! Looking forward to seeing you and baby Hypothetica (who you totally should have named Sparklejam).
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I shall see you all there.
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What a great idea! Have fun!

I won't be coming this time, but give me about six months and I (and TheDonF) will be eligible.
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Specklet, yay!
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So, can we get a roundup of real names for those in attendance? Mine is, um, Amanda! I'd hate to ask an innocent bystander if they are rabbit rabbit, though it would add a certain surrealist element to the meetup.
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Hi, I'm Erin. I will be bringing Mr. Rabbit with me, his name is Doug (when he was signing up for MetaFilter, he asked me what his username should be. I told him that I called him Mr. Rabbit so that's what he chose). The shorty is named Theo.
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I'm Melissa. I'm bringing Ian, Keagan, and Grace, in descending age order.
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I'm Paul, I'm bringing Lena, my partner, and baby Eloïse.
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Thanks for the awesome meetup, everyone! It was great to meet all of you. I will put up the next event proposal very soon.
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