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Philadelphia Monthly Board Game Meetup

Looks like we are in for a cold February. Time to head back to the warm confines of Frankford Hall for some gaming and drinking! We're going to shoot for Sunday Feb 9th at 1 pm. Hope to see you there! [more inside]
posted by MikeKn on Jan 28, 2014 - 12 comments

Lumberjack Cocktail Meetup!

Wear your fancy finery and sip luxurious libations! Changing date to 2/13 (one day later) so everyone who originally suggested the idea can make it. If this is a problem let me know! [more inside]
posted by mlle valentine on Jan 27, 2014 - 38 comments

Beer and Central Coast Mefites

It's been a while since we've had a meetup 'round these parts. Let's rectify that! [more inside]
posted by spiderskull on Jan 24, 2014 - 8 comments

Let's Drink!

Let's revive the weekly meet up. Next Thursday upstairs at Revival on 15th Street.
posted by SpaceWarp13 on Jan 24, 2014 - 10 comments

Wings, Beer, and Shuffleboard

Mefites of New York's Capital District, Adirondacks, Hudson Valley, as well as Vermont, Western Mass, Western Connecticut, &c., let's meet up! [more inside]
posted by gauche on Jan 23, 2014 - 21 comments

How is there not a February Goat on the books yet?

The first Wednesday of February is fast approaching. LET'S DO THIS. Oh and hey guys by the way look what I found. [more inside]
posted by phunniemee on Jan 22, 2014 - 26 comments

Gallifrey One

Are any other MeFites among the few thousand with tickets to Gallifrey One? If so, would you like to meet up? [more inside]
posted by wintersweet on Jan 18, 2014 - 0 comments

Philadelphia Drinking Occasion

I went and moved to Chicago at the end of 2013, but I'll be back in Philadelphia for a few days later this month. Does anyone want to meet up for drinks at Strangelove's on the evening of Monday, January 27? [more inside]
posted by jessypie on Jan 17, 2014 - 16 comments

Trivia THING baby

All right stop. Cogitate and listen. Trivia is back at our new location. Wednesday, grabs a hold of me tightly. Geeks Who Drink starting at 7:30. [more inside]
posted by DiscourseMarker on Jan 17, 2014 - 19 comments

oh, Vienna... (April meetup?)

I will be in Vienna April 6-19. Anyone interested in meeting up for food/drink, outings to museums/galleries/etc.? I will most likely be staying in Wieden (4th Dist.). Would love to meet any local MeFites or other travelers who will be around!
posted by scody on Jan 16, 2014 - 3 comments

West Side Story screening at the UPCA

Next film up in the Sundays Movies At The Palace With Lin-Manuel Miranda series is West Side Story. Doors open at 4pm, Miranda's stage show and Q&A starts at 5pm, movie starts at 5:30. Free popcorn available with a receipt from one of UPCA's sponsor restaurants (I don't see that on the website, but that's what they said at the last screening - receipts from any day, not just the day of the screening). [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! on Jan 15, 2014 - 6 comments

Drinks with me on my birthday?

This Saturday, northernish Greenpoint, near the Greenpoint Ave stop on the G.
posted by Hactar on Jan 14, 2014 - 13 comments

Austin meetup - February 9

It's been ages since we had an Austin meetup. Let's get together at a local pub or coffeehouse. I'll add date/time/location when we have a consensus. ETA: We have settled on February 9, 2-4 pm, at the Dog and Duck.
posted by immlass on Jan 13, 2014 - 35 comments

New to New England

Good lord, I seem to have up and moved cross-country to a place where I know only one person! Help me feel like this was a good decision by meeting up with me and showing me what awesome folks Maine Mefites are. Anything West End or Old Port works for me, I know a few places for drinks/dinner but would love to try someplace new. I'm going to toss out Jan 23-26 as open days just to get things started. Edit: we've settled on Saturday 2/1, daytime.
posted by donnagirl on Jan 13, 2014 - 38 comments

We survived the holidays!

It's about time for another Phoenix meetup, y'all! [more inside]
posted by WidgetAlley on Jan 12, 2014 - 15 comments

Quansar season is flexible in Houston, isn't it?

During last night's quiz meetup it was noted that it's been a while since we've had a non-quiz-based meetup to simply socialize and catch up. We're willing to host again at our place, but recognize that holding it in Missouri City does place a bit of a travel imposition on some. So, lets start a discussion: when shall we meet, and if not in MoCity, where?
posted by Runes on Jan 10, 2014 - 13 comments

Happy dim sum to you (and me)

oh yeah! and I discussed having a dim sum meetup at Pacificana for our collective birthday. **see update below** (still same time and place. Please confirm attendance.) [more inside]
posted by mlle valentine on Jan 8, 2014 - 35 comments

Muppets Take Manhattan big screen screening

Hey The Muppets Take Manhattan is screening in Manhattan! Who wants to go see? Intro by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a guest appearance by actor Lonnie Price. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, $5 for children. [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! on Jan 6, 2014 - 17 comments

DC Board Room Meetup

Did this holiday season bring you new games you'd like to try out? Or a tragic lack of opportunities to play games that you'd like to make up for? Get your fix at the Board Room in Dupont Circle! [more inside]
posted by EvaDestruction on Jan 5, 2014 - 21 comments

Polish Family Dinner

Let's indulge in the over-the-top, all-you-can-eat pierogi and sausage fest at Avondale restaurant Staropolska. Dinner is brought out family style in huge, sharable bowls. No one has ever left hungry from a Polish restaurant. [more inside]
posted by Juliet Banana on Jan 3, 2014 - 29 comments

New year, new location, new day, same Trivia THING

It's 2014, time to resolve to answer more random questions about Dairy Queen shake flavors and the Constitution. As per our last thread, Tommy Doyle's Harvard Square is no more, so we are trying out Joe Sent Me in Cambridge. Trivia is on WEDNESDAY this time. [more inside]
posted by DiscourseMarker on Jan 3, 2014 - 29 comments

Providence/SE MA Meetup

It's 2014. Time to finally plan the meetup I've been thinking about for years. I live in North Attleboro, about 30 minutes north of Providence, and am willing to host something in my neck of the woods or the general vicinity. At a restaurant? A bar? A library? An abandoned factory down by the river? I'm definitely looking for feedback, suggestions, creative co-hosts... [more inside]
posted by Biblio on Jan 2, 2014 - 23 comments

San Francisco I Will Be In You

San Francisco MeFites! I will be in your city for a few weeks in January, and I would like to meet you. Let's meet up at Rustic Pizza in the Mission at 7 PM on Saturday, January 11th 2014. Be there or be etc.
posted by Phire on Dec 31, 2013 - 59 comments

Welcome to Seattle, hellojed!

Let's together to welcome hellojed to Seattle! I've reserved a big table at Smiths in Capitol Hill for 6pm onwards on the 18th of January, see you all there!
posted by Artw on Dec 30, 2013 - 20 comments

Rio de January

Come have some beers with us in Glória, right at the foot of Santa Teresa!
posted by Tom-B on Dec 28, 2013 - 4 comments

Restless_Nomad Comes to the Bay Area!

I'm visiting a friend in the general vicinity of San Francisco and want to meet all you crazy West Coast people! We'll be closer to Berkeley than SF proper, but my host assures me she's willing to go into the city. [more inside]
posted by restless_nomad on Dec 27, 2013 - 92 comments

DC New Year's Eve?

If you are bored and not sure what to do on New Year's Eve here is what some of us are doing! [more inside]
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl on Dec 27, 2013 - 4 comments

Horse Brass Pub meetup

We haven't been there in a while although it gets mentioned now and then in an "oh yeah, we should do that again" way. And so we are.
posted by Greg_Ace on Dec 27, 2013 - 24 comments

Reno, MLK weekend

Inspired by this AskMe plus my upcoming trip to Reno on MLK weekend, I thought I'd see if there were enough folks locally to pull together a meetup. [more inside]
posted by librarina on Dec 26, 2013 - 1 comment

Christmas Bowling Party at Imperial Lanes

Imperial Lanes on Rainier Avenue will be open and near empty on Christmas, and, for that matter, New Year's Day. I and some friends will be there on both days. We had a blast at the last bowling meetup we had. All of you at loose ends this Chistmas evening are welcome to join us. And ditto for New Year's Day, as well...
posted by y2karl on Dec 23, 2013 - 8 comments

Philadelphia Monthly Board Game Meetup

Winter is here, but Frankford Hall is still warm and inviting. Who is up for some gaming in January? We'll meet on Sunday January 12th at 1 PM. Hope to see you there! [more inside]
posted by MikeKn on Dec 23, 2013 - 16 comments

Los Angeles, CA -- Post-Xmas NYE NYD and beyond

I will be visiting Southern California for a few weeks (and spending most of that time in OC) and would like to get together with some mefites over the holidays. Dates: 12/26 - 1/5 [more inside]
posted by mild deer on Dec 22, 2013 - 4 comments


A spin off from the other New Years meetup thread. Things that are known: wanting to go to the steam whistles at Pratt; wanting to eat, drink, and be merry beforehand. Things that are unknown: Where and when to eat, drink, and be merry. [more inside]
posted by wintrymix on Dec 13, 2013 - 30 comments

Manhattan meetup, lesser pickles

Sorry about that. Bar is still good.
posted by Hactar on Dec 12, 2013 - 14 comments

Meetup at Sunset Beer in Echo Park

Prompted by a recent askme about meeting people in Los Angeles, let's meet up! [more inside]
posted by mandymanwasregistered on Dec 9, 2013 - 127 comments

Poutine Maintenance*

It's starting to grow a bit chilly. Let's warm ourselves with another poutine meetup!
posted by Iridic on Dec 6, 2013 - 41 comments

RDU holiday meetup

We should have a Triangle holiday meetup! We're gonna do Troy Mezze Lounge at 7PM on Saturday, Dec 14th, 2013 - ask for Jenny! [more inside]
posted by Phire on Dec 5, 2013 - 56 comments

Brunch in Minneapolis

Let's take the green screen live to brunch in Minneapolis! I'm a transplant to the Twin Cities and would like to get together with fellow mefites for a Sunday brunch. [more inside]
posted by mild deer on Dec 5, 2013 - 36 comments

Berlin, Europe

Siberian winds descend upon central Europe, gluhwein displace the ingwertee. This means time for another Metafilter meetup. Anyone still here for December, who wants to meet up for a cake/chat/beer/tea before the holidays (or between)? [more inside]
posted by gmm on Dec 5, 2013 - 11 comments

Meetup by Fiat: Lower East Side

Proposed meetup did not appear to happen on Tuesday and it's not looking likely for today (Wednesday) so I hereby declare it for Thursday. [more inside]
posted by mlle valentine on Dec 4, 2013 - 15 comments

December Trivia THING

It's time for the post-Thanksgivukkah, pre-Christmas/New Year's Geeks Who Drink trivia blowout sale at Tommy Doyle's Harvard Square. All questions MUST GO! Stock up on random information now and SAVE!* [more inside]
posted by DiscourseMarker on Dec 4, 2013 - 20 comments

Midwinter Nordic-inspired Brunch Lunch

I'm having a midwinter party and Mefites are invited! [more inside]
posted by vespabelle on Dec 3, 2013 - 19 comments

Mumbai Meetup

So I'll be in Mumbai early in the new year, and I would love to meet some local Mefites. Is there any interest in a meetup, say on Sunday 12 January? [more inside]
posted by dontjumplarry on Dec 3, 2013 - 2 comments

Detroit-Area Meetup II: The Freezening

Eight plus one at the last one -- let's keep it going! [more inside]
posted by Etrigan on Nov 24, 2013 - 8 comments

So, London called...

Hey guys! So I'll be traveling from the U.S. to London in December on a wonderful combination of business and pleasure and would love to meet some Mefites. [more inside]
posted by tooloudinhere on Nov 23, 2013 - 29 comments

Post Turkey Glut Goat

December Chicago meetup! [more inside]
posted by phunniemee on Nov 21, 2013 - 53 comments

Weekly Brooklyn meetup, now with 100% more pickles

A couple weeks ago at a meetup, I mentioned the Pickle Shack, a new bar that is a collaboration between Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Brine. It seemed like there's some interest in checking it out. [more inside]
posted by mlle valentine on Nov 19, 2013 - 35 comments

MeFites in Israel

Proposing a meetup of MeFites in Israel, sometime in early December. I've got a few ideas for places in Tel Aviv, not on Saturday so we don't have the issue of no public transportation. Who's in?
posted by alona on Nov 19, 2013 - 3 comments

Philadelphia (Nearly) Monthly Board Game Meetup

We're trying something a little different this month. We will start at Barcade, where another gaming meetup is happening. If we need more space, we'll move over to Frankford Hall after a while. [more inside]
posted by MikeKn on Nov 18, 2013 - 19 comments

Gift Drive Gift Wrapping Gala

WHAT: All the stuff people have generously donated over here needs to be wrapped before it's delivered to to the host organization for the 45-and-counting kids and teens MetaFilter is sponsoring. Looks like a fine opportunity for a meet-up! [more inside]
posted by houseofdanie on Nov 17, 2013 - 48 comments

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