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Movies at the Brattle on Sunday?
The Brattle Theater has a really good set of movies coming up this Sunday, 2014/9/14: Sunset Boulevard at 1:00, Chinatown at 3:15 (these two can be seen as a double feature), Los Angeles Plays Itself at 6:00, and Repo Man at 9:30. Does anyone want to go see any of these movies in particular? I saw that Los Angeles Plays Itself was scheduled and was primarily interested in that, but I'd be happy seeing any of these, really. If you want to go, leave a comment saying what movie you'd like to see! EDIT: We're seeing Los Angeles Plays Itself at 6:00 on Sunday. See you all there!
Cambridge, MA at Brattle Theater, 6PM by Rustic Etruscan - 22 comments

Next Two Weeks

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Pumpkin Spice Trivia
The candy corn is in the supermarket, the pumpkin spice is back in the coffee shops, and the buses are clogged with students, so that must mean it's fall. Enjoy a pumpkin beer (or not) while you plumb the depths of your knowledge on DQ shake flavors, pop music, and occasionally sports this Wednesday at 7:30 at Geeks Who Drink trivia at Joe Sent Me, Cambridge.
Cambridge, MA at Jose Sent Me, Cambridge, 7:30PM by DiscourseMarker - 0 comments

More Than Two Weeks Out

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I am in Boston for a conference from the 23rd to the 25th of October, dates in town from the 22nd to the 26th or so. The conference is at Harvard Div. Pint? EDIT: John Harvard, 8:30, Friday.
Cambridge, MA at John Harvard Pub, Cambridge, 8:30PM by PinkMoose - 31 comments

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