#11 Beer Crawl Redux
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Fri June 30 at 11:00 AM, The Grafton
4530 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
We have discussed recreating the #11 bus route beer crawl, as we had so much fun the last time. Friday June 30th. Calendars are hard.
As I recall, we started at the Grafton at 11:00, hit MASH for some food, then worked our way down. We stopped at the Whole Foods for snacks around Beermiscuous. We need to alter the route slightly as something closed early and we had to fly out of Delilah's without enjoying it.
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Also, I have become a Slack for All Things person. And there's a Chicago Cabal (TINCC) slack channel now. Let me know if you want in.
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I'll give this another day and then move it from proposed to confirmed.
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I've heard about this and it sounds fun! I'm in.
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June 30 is great for me, and I'm very excited that we're doing this again. Are we aiming for an exact recreation of last year's stops?
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That's a good question. Because I was thinking yesterday that there are also a lot of good tap rooms that open at noon on Ravenswood. We may need to create a spreadsheet for planning. And by "may need to", I mean "I would really enjoy this."

I'm in for the 30th.
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Awww man, I'd have loved to join but that's our work summer outing (on a boat!)
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I would love to see this spreadsheet for um, research purposes.
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I'm done with work at 1 PM on the 30th over in Albany Park and am considering joining the crawl in progress, if possible. Will there be a published itinerary?
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Last year we definitely had people join us for just parts of the crawl. We can update here if we know anyone is trying to find us, and a lot of us have cell phone numbers in our profiles (mine is in my Occupation field).

Has anyone been working on an itinerary yet?

This is my best recollection of the order we took for the eleven stops last year. MASH is closed now, so that's definitely out for this year. I think we should skip Bottles & Cans too (the to-go shop we had to leave Delilah's early to get to) and stick with places we can drink in. Beyond that I'm fine with recreating this list, but some of these places were much better than others and I'm possibly more interested in picking the best and swapping out the rest for new things.

The Grafton
MASH (lunch stop)
Gideon Welles
Half Acre
Bitter Pops
The Green Lady
Beermiscuous (stopped at Whole Foods first to pick up dinner items that we ate here)
Burnt City Brewing
Bottles & Cans
ROCKS Northcenter
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Bitter Pops was amazing and the snacking at Beermiscuous was aces. We'll definitely update the thread, but I anticipate we'll start at Grafton again and then work south.
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I've started a Google spreadsheet. Feel free to make suggestions or comments about the proposed route.
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Hm. Try this link instead.
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