June Monthly Drinks
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Tue June 6 at 6:30 PM, The Banker
The Banker, 2 Cousin Ln, London EC4R 3TE, UK (Map & Directions)
Come to the pub! Have a drink.
I might try bringing along a couple of fun games also to see how that goes down. They were good in the brighton meetup, so if I'm organised enough maybe that.
  • Tuesday, June 6th
  • The Banker, Near Canon Street
  • Post work. (so 1830ish) onwards.
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Still negotiating the family schedule, but I do hope to be there early enough to grab an upstairs booth like I did last time.
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I am a maybe! Work schedule is a little weird that day, but what do I work for if not to go to the pub with internet pals?
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Newbie question(s) - Hello I work relatively closeby and am contemplating popping down after work tonight depending on how my day pans out (I would give quite a lot for a duvet day tbh). Is there a minimum critera for attendance at one of these mefi type things? Minimum number of years service? Certain number of favourites etcetera? Also is there a dress code? Oh and finally - how exactly would one locate the mefi massive?
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Welcome numebrstation! Given the weather today I hope enough of us make it! I have braved the storms and hope to claim one of the tables in the upstairs balcony. I'll have a table stand for an Amsterdam cycle ride out and on the table, wherever I grab.
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You should definitely come along numberstation.

I'll try and bring along some kind of unambiguous identifier.
Maybe a mefi flag?
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I'm also thinking about dropping by and have similar questions to Numberstation.
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Everyone should come along.
There's no dress code (because if there were I wouldn't be allowed in).
I've made a rubbish flag to help with table identification.
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I currently have a table upstairs by the pool table.
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Now there are 4, and we have chips.
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I wish I'd been there to see the rubbish flag!
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Well it was good to meet nerdfish, and I'm sorry I had to duck out early. Fortunately everyone was all right at home, but it was good I headed back when I did.
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