Chicago Spring Resolutions: Fatness to Fitness!
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As has been mentioned, I've been working on losing weight. I'm now ready for phase 2, aye kay aye the next 50 pounds, along with improving my general fitness level. So how about yoga? (no preexisting fatness required)
Scheduling isn't nailed down yet, but it's looking like May or late April, weekly on Mondays or Fridays, and Sundays later on.

Because of other medical things, I get massages at the chain Massage Envy. I was talking to my masseuse-er-ette, and she mentioned one of the other employees was a new yoga licensee, and I talked to her, and long story short she's interested in teaching solo or small groups as practice.

I am way below amateur league here, so I can be your muse w/r/t what not to do. No matter how klutzy you feel you may be, I will outmatch you! It is totally okay for you to laugh at my ineptness and falling dog pose.

I go to their location on Damen by North, and I assume the classes would be in the general Bucktown area. I intend to try and go at least weekly, but I haven't talked with her to get details yet. She told me that price would be flexible as she is a new teacher, which just means more access for us!

I'm getting in touch with her after posting this, and will post more information once I get it.
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I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
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My schedule has been all over the place lately, but if this happens on a weekend, I am 100% interested.
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As a side note - fatness is not the opposite of being fit.
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I live right by there. Would be interested to hear more!
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i've been meaning to get back into yoga and something like this might be just the ticket, depending on when it happened.
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I've been talking to Lauren (I also linked her here so she can follow along, hi Lauren!) and it looks like she'll be able to work weekly classes into her schedule in the beginning of May or possibly late April, Monday or Friday, and later on would be able to do Sundays. She can get a studio/workspace to use, and the more people we have the less it will end up costing per person.
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Potential location on Division between California and Western, neat neighborhood. She will be visiting later this week and I will update the post then.
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If you guys wind up at the space on Division I will yell encouragement at you from my apartment window
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