[DC FOODIES] It's a Ripping Day for a Picnic!
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Wed March 8 at 7:00 PM, Rocklands BBQ
2418 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey strange food lovers of DC! (That's people who love strange foods or strange people who love foods--we don't discriminate.) Rocklands BBQ has confirmed to me via Facebook that their yearly Grills Gone Wild event featuring rare and exotic meats will be March 7-10. Who's up for a Wednesday night picnic?
So Wednesday is supposed to be really nice (60s, sunny) and there's a park right next to the Glover Park location of Rocklands. (Copronymus reminded me that this location has pretty much zero seating.) Let's get weird!

also wtf is DC FOODIES?
idk, a while back I decided it would be fun if MeFites joined up to explore DC's under-the-radar, cheap eats, and rare/unusual food options, and then anotherpanacea came up with a fun acronym name for us. Anyone is welcome to join at any time, no prior experience needed! (yes, that means you can join if you are a small baby and literally have no prior food experience. this has even happened before!)
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Oh and time...like 7?
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(Also, title from a childhood favorite picture book.)
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I wanna nominate this post for Excellence in Tagging.
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Oh yeah, we can show Chicago and their bacon bomb!
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Wednesday around 7 sounds good to me.
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Vegetarian me will take hard pass on this one ;p
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I'm going to call it critical mass!
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Kangaroo Burgers — served with a side of fries — $11.99
Alligator Sausage Sandwich — served with peppers, onions and Whiskey Mustard on the bed of Swamp Greens — $10.99
3 Elk Soft Tacos — served with Red Beans & Rice — $9.99
Buffalo Short Ribs — served with a side of your choice — $13.99

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*sigh* That looks delicious, but I have a prior commitment on Wednesday.
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My dad's in town I can't actually go to this I just wanna say meaaaaaaaaat a few more times
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Dads are also welcome! (But if this ends up just being "capricorn and Copronymus go on a date to eat meat in a park" that's fine too)
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In case anyone else is planning on joining, we're both running a little late but on our way!
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meat meat meat
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